Powdered vinyl gloves of a thickness of 4 mils approved by the CFIA. Size: S (7) to XL (10). Sold per box, 100 units/box.


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Fitted ambidextrous lightly powdered clear vinyl gloves of a thickness of 4 mils with rolled cuffs. Sold by the box. 100 gloves/box. 10 boxes/case.

These lightly powdered gloves are approved for safe food handling by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). These gloves are ideally suited for food and restaurant industry, cafeteria, etc. The powder inside the gloves consists of edible maize starch. This type of glove is a cost-effective solution for workers that must change gloves frequently.

These gloves are available in sizes ranging from small (7) to extra-large (10). Please select the size needed in the field located above.

Use for:
There are many places where these gloves may be used, however take into account the performance limitations of the product. You must, among other things, take into consideration that vinyl has a low resistance to stretching which may result in a leakage and exposition. Vinyl is indeed a thermoset resin, that is, a brittle polymer which compels manufacturers to add a plasticizer to soften the polymeric film. Although the compound may be composed of up to 30% of plasticizer, vinyl will never have the suppleness, flexibility and tactile sensitivity of natural or synthetic elastomers. You may use this type of glove in restaurants, cafeterias, food industries, and provided that you took the necessary precautions and on a short-term basis, in labs, health, security and pharmaceutical facilities. This type of glove may be used for sanitary purposes, but one must remain careful. Vinyl is resistant to detergents, but not to solvents or any other product containing oils or fats. The latter increase the migration rate of the plasticizer therefore making the glove inefficient. This product is a cost-effective alternative for anyone sensitive to natural rubber latex proteins.

Do not use for:
This type of glove is not commonly used in the medical sphere, since it may or may not protect one from biohazards such as blood and other bodily fluids. The level of protection associated with vinyl is quite low due to the percentage of plasticizer which proportionally alters the barrier quality of vinyl. Moreover, the plasticizer is not bound to the film of the material which means that it is as dispersible as the powder of some models of gloves.

Maintenance and service life:
This model of glove is designed for single use and should never be reused. It is strongly recommended to dry hands before donning gloves and to wash hands right away after duffing gloves. Disposable glove often comes already punctured of microscopic holes that are invisible to the naked eye. Moreover, the powder used in gloves is astringent, which on one hand, drains the skin by tightening pores through a vasoconstrictor mechanism thus reducing sebum secretion, and on the other hand, eases the gloving by acting as a lubricant. It is not advised to apply lotion before wearing gloves since skin moisturizer reduces the natural resistance of the skin. Moisturizers may as well contain ingredients which may weaken the chemical and mechanical resistance of the glove.

Enfiler et ôter gants (FR)

Méthode pour enfiler et pour ôter des gants jetables (français).

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Donning and doffing gloves (EN)

Method for donning and doffing disposable gloves (English).

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Powdered vinyl gloves of a thickness of 4 mils approved by the CFIA. Size: S (7) to XL (10). Sold per box, 100 units/box.

Powdered vinyl gloves of a thickness of 4 mils approved by the CFIA. Size: S (7) to XL (10). Sold per box, 100 units/box.


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