Monkey Wrench 6 mil powder-free orange nitrile disposable gloves. Sizes M (8) to XXL (11). 50 gloves/box.


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Monkey Wrench 6 mil ambidextrous powder-free orange nitrile gloves, with 9.5" rolled cuffs.
Sold by box of 50 gloves. 10 boxes per case.

Made by Watson Gloves. Manufacturer product number: 5557PF.

These gloves are available in sizes from medium (M, 8) to double extra-large (XXL, 11). Please select the size from the field located above.

These fitted gloves have an all-over diamond molded texture that provides excellent grip on wet or oily surfaces, while providing great dexterity and abrasion resistance. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber resistant to a wide range of chemical products including oils and solvents. The heavier thickness offers better skin protection.

These gloves pass the permeation test according to the European standard EN 374-2:2003 and they feature the waterproof & low chemical protection pictogram.

Recommeded for:
These are excellent multipurpose gloves as long as the material's limitations are taken into account. These gloves are suitable for use in the automotive and mechanical industry, in the painting and printing industry, in manufacturing, in construction, as well as for general handling and cleaning.
Nitrile is resistant to most industrial chemicals such as greases, oils, solvents, lacquers, alcohols, glues, turpentine, paint, and paint thinners.
Nitrile is the best latex-free alternative for workers who are allergic to latex and for workers who come in contact with people whose allergy status is unknown.

No special usage limitations apply to nitrile since the material has been designed to withstand mechanical, chemical and biological hazards. However, these gloves are relatively thin in order to provide good dexterity, so they do not provide long-term protection against chemicals. Ensure the glove thickness is suitable for your application and change gloves often.
In terms of cost, nitrile is twice as expensive as vinyl, and slightly more expensive than natural rubber latex.

Protect opened boxes from direct sunlight. These gloves are designed for single use and are disposable. As such, there is no maintenance required.

It is strongly recommended to dry hands before donning gloves, and to wash hands after doffing gloves. Do not wear these gloves over hand creams, moisturizers or lotions. The fabrication process of disposable gloves can leave microscopic holes in the material, through which minute amounts of contaminants can seep through. Hand creams soften the skin and reduce its natural resistance, and can also chemically weaken the glove material.

Enfiler et ôter gants (FR)

Méthode pour enfiler et pour ôter des gants jetables (français).

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Donning and doffing gloves (EN)

Method for donning and doffing disposable gloves (English).

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G5557PF data sheet (EN)

Data sheet for Watson Gloves 5557PF orange nitrile gloves. English only.

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Monkey Wrench 6 mil powder-free orange nitrile disposable gloves. Sizes M (8) to XXL (11). 50 gloves/box.

Monkey Wrench 6 mil powder-free orange nitrile disposable gloves. Sizes M (8) to XXL (11). 50 gloves/box.


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