North basic safety harness, 1 back D-ring, mating buckles group A




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Basic economical safety harness by North. CSA group A, with one back D-ring. The chest and leg straps close with mating buckles.

Ideal for small-scale maintenance, construction, etc.

Complies with CSA standard Z259.10-06.

This lightweight safety harness is equipped with one back D-ring made of steel.

This harness is available in 2 sizes:

  • universal size (ajustable from small to medium);
  • universal extra-large size (ajustable from large to extra-large).

To find out which size fits you best, please consult the manufacturer's sizing chart available as a PDF file linked at the end of the description. Once you have identified your size, choose the appropriate product from the menu above.

This harness can support a maximum weight of 310 lb (140 kg), including clothing, tools, etc.

This basic North safety harness is made of woven non-strech polyester. Polyester offers a superior resistance to acids.

The chest straps and leg straps close with mating buckles. The harness certification tags are sewn on the front straps.

The worker is responsible for visually inspecting the harness before each use. During this routine inspection, the worker must note any signs of degradation, malfunction, or breakage. The harness will have to be replaced if any such signs are detected.

On top of this routine inspection, the harness must be inspected by a qualified person different than the worker that wears the harness. The frequency of these inspections varies according to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers require an inspection every 90 days, others every 180 days, or even yearly. These inspections should be performed more often if the harness is worn in extreme environmental working conditions.

The recommended lifetime of a safety harness if 5 years. While some manufacturers keep silent on this topic, in practice, if the harness is used regularly and stored and maintained in standard conditions, its lifetime will not exceed 5 years in most cases.

Sylprotec offers a safety harness inspection service. Find out more by clicking on the Services tab, under the Sylprotec logo at the top of the page.

Any equipment that has withstood a fall or an impact must be scrapped.

For cleaning, use a gentle soap or detergent and lukewarm water (37°C). Do not use bleach, chlorine, or other abrasive or chemical products. If your harness is too dirty or contaminated, it is time to replace it.

Air dry without using heat, in a clean environment. You can accelerate the drying process by wiping the wet harness with a clean absorbent wipe, or by using a fan. Avoid exposing the harness to sunlight and to any sources of contamination.


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North basic safety harness, 1 back D-ring, mating buckles group A

North basic safety harness, 1 back D-ring, mating buckles group A


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