Peakworks 50 feet roof kit for fall protection.




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Peakworks Roofer Fall Protection Kit. The set includes a safety harness, a slider, a 2-foot lanyard, a 3-strand rope of 5/8 inch diameter, a temporary anchor and a seal for storage.

This affordable package meets the needs of workers who occasionally require fall protection.

Manufacturer Code Peakworks: RK4-50

Maintenance and life of the harness and lanyard:
Workers are responsible for conducting a routine inspection before each use. During this routine inspection, they must observe any sign of deterioration, wear, malfunction or breakage. Any lanyard and harness must be replaced at the slightest sign of failure.

In addition, the lanyard and harness should be inspected by a qualified person other than the worker. The frequency required for these inspections varies by manufacturer. Some prescribe every 90 days, others every 180 days, or even annually.

Keep in mind that the harder the work and environmental conditions, the more often your equipment will need to be inspected. The recommended life of a lanyard and a harness is 5 years. Some manufacturers are silent on the subject, but in practice a lanyard and a harness used regularly and neglected a little bit during storage or maintenance will not have a long life. On average, their lifespan will not exceed 5 years.

Sylprotec offers a service of inspection of lanyards and safety harnesses. You can find out more by visiting the Service tab on our site.

Any equipment subject to a fall or impact must be decommissioned.

As for cleaning, use a mild soap and warm water (37 ° C). Do not use bleach or other abrasive or chemical products. If your lanyard and harness are too dirty or contaminated, it's time to replace them. Dry them in the open without excessive heat in a clean environment. You can help yourself with a very clean absorbent cloth or a fan. Avoid exposure to sunlight or other sources of contamination.


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Peakworks 50 feet roof kit for fall protection.

Peakworks 50 feet roof kit for fall protection.


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