Allegro two-person respiratory protection kit with full hood and ambient air pump, no 9220-02.


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Allegro respiratory protection kit for two workers included: one low-pressure air source powered air-supply pump, two 50-foot-long hoses and two hoods, one size fit most.

Code of the manufacturer Allegro: 9220-02.

This kit offers an all-set configuration to provide respiratory protection for two workers. The pump is designed to transfer breathable air from an uncontaminated location to two workers who require supply air. The ambient air pump connects to a standard power outlet, eliminating the need for special wiring and electrical compatibility issues. In addition, it can be easily transported from one job site to another.

This kit contains:

For more specific information about the products included in this kit, consult the product sheet by clicking on the product code in green.

This type of respiratory protection is recommended for work that will release solid and liquid particles into the air or work in environments where you find contaminants and/or biological particles in the air. The air supply system is required when the worker is in the presence of a contaminant that cannot be filtered by cartridges or filters. 
As long as the hood is chosen it is necessary if your workers are not finely shaved or having bearded or mustache.

This kit offers a protection factor of 1000 NIOSH approved when you fully use all components designated by the manufacturer Allegro. You must check the level of respiratory risk associated with its use. The manufacturer has designed its products for environments with contaminant concentrations that do not exceed the limit that results in the immediate death of the worker (IDLH). This must be taken into account if the pump stops working. In addition, be sure to choose the location of your air source wisely because the pump is designed to transfer breathing air from an uncontaminated area to a worker. This kit offers a protection factor up to 1,000 times the exposure limit allowed by the CNESST or any other applicable government regulation. This kit is not recommended for sandblasting work. Do not use this respirator kit in areas where there is a risk of oxygen deficiency.

Maintenance and service life:

Please note that the RA9910 textile part of the hood is disposable, thus no maintenance is required. The convenient disposable design is perfect where respirator cleaning or decontamination is difficult, just remove the down tube and clamp before disposal. As regards textile part, they are available on the menu at the bottom of the page (RA9910-10). 

Pump maintenance:
The ambient air pump must not be fed to a generator. To avoid damaging the pump, we recommend that you attach the hose and the face part before starting it. Replace the inlet filter (RA9700-01) and exhaust filter (RA9700-02) after 200 hours of use. Replace carbon fins around 400 to 500 hours of use (RA9700-57S).

Hose maintenance:
This hose could be washed by hand with cold or warm water and a mild detergent, thoroughly rinsed the inner part of the hose to remove traces of soap. It must also be dried in the open air away from the sun’s rays.

We strongly recommend self-adhesive peel-off (see code RA9910-25). It can extend the life of your hood, especially if you’re doing painting. Eventually, you can replace the textile part of this set; see the code RA9910-10. And why not the parts of engine maintenance: the inlet filter (RA9700-01) and exhaust filter (RA9700-02), carbon vanes (RA9700-57S). Please note that his items are available only on special order only, the supply may vary from 2 to 3 weeks.

Possible other configurations:
The RA9832 pump (A-1500) offers the possibility to be configured with hoses of different sizes as well as with other facial parts. You can choose air supply hoses of 25, 50 or 100 feet (RA9100 and RA9100-100); choose up to three respirators type half mask (RA9920) or full face (RA9901). On the other hand, you can only use two hoods (RA9910) with choices of 25, 50 or 100 feet.

To Consider Before Buying:
If you chose this specific model of respiratory protection, it is to protect only 2 workers with hoods. You have certainly made the right choice if your worker is your men has a beard, mustache or are not always shaved. This kind of situation always ends up one morning. Finally, finish the troubles with the bearded ones. The only point to remember is that this pump limits you to a twin worker with hood. If you are considering having more than two male workers soon, contact our service departments to select another model of pump. 

For more technical details, please refer to the attached PDF documents on” Download “tab under ‘More info’ tab.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categoryRespiratory protection
Sub sub categoryAllegro low pressure air-supplied respirators
Name of the productRespiratory protection kit
Product codeRA92202
Approved/CertifiedMeets NIOSH
ManufacturerAllegro industries
Country of originUnited State of America
Protection factorProtection factor of 1000
Air supply systemLow pressure
Facial partInclude 2 kits of hood & breathing hoses and belts, model RA9910
Facial part MaterialPoly Coated Tyvek Hood
Facial part ProtectionDistortion free
Size of the hoodOne size fits all
Visor coatingNo coating
Removable protectorIncludes two removable protective films for hood ref: RA9910-25
Type of connectionOBAC quick-connect plug with wide diameter and minimal air restriction
Pump TypeCarbon rotary vanes and oil-free direct drive motor
Pump VanesCarbon construction
Pump Inlet filter50 Micron felt material with metal grid inlet filter housing
Pump Exhaust filter0.30 Micron HEPA
Pump Pressure gage1½" / 3.8cm) face, steel housing (0-15 psi) / (0-1.03 bar)
Pump Working press2-12 psi / 0.14-0.83 bar - 15 psi / 1.03 bar max
Pump Performance0-20 CFM / 0-33.98 m³/hr - for a 1½HP motor
Motor (HP)1½ HP
Motor in Volts115 V / 230 V AC, single phase
Motor Current draw16 A for the 1½ HP pump
Hose materialPolyvinyl chloride with reinforced braided polyester yarn
Hose temperature range-20°F to 150°F / -28.8°C to 65.5°C
Hose length2 lengths of 50 feet / 15.24 m
Hose Max pressure185 psi à 70° F / 12.76 bar à 21.1°C
MaterialSee items separately
WashableIt is best to replace this hood when it is too contaminated, worn or soiled. Do not attempt to wash it
Length (in/cm)39 in / 99.06 cm
Width (in/cm)20 in / 50.80 cm
Height (in/cm)20 in / 50.8 cm
Weight (lb/kg)125 lb / 56.7 Kg
Sold byUnit
Shipping restrictionSignificant surcharge on the cost of delivery, it is preferable to opt for a carrier by the pallet or pick up in the store
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page

RA9832 1 1/2 HP pump explosive

RA9832 Allegro low pressure pump 1 1/2 HP A-1500 explosive view.

Download (761.16k)

RA9832 1 1/2 HP pump tech. sheet

RA9832 Allegro low pressure pump 1 1/2 HP A-1500 technical sheet.

Download (47.79k)

RA9100 Technical sheet hoses

RA9100 Allegro low pressure hoses technical sheet.

Download (43.66k)

RA9910 Hood technical sheet

RA9910 Allegro low pressure hood technical sheet.

Download (668.52k)


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