All delivery charges and taxes will be added to the prices shown on our website. Please be sure the information you provide is correct and that there are no grammatical errors in your address so that Sylprotec Inc. may provide the right price for your geographic location. This allows us to provide you with the timeliest service possible.

Sylprotec uses a variety of carrier services to deliver packages, including Purolator Courier, Canada Post or any other carrier of your own choosing. Please make sure to provide all the right information for a delivery in due form. The delivery time (after notification) may vary between 5 and 10 business days and applies to most larger metropolitan centres. The delivery time for remote or rural areas could be longer or may require that the customer pick up his parcel at a given service point. The customer will be responsible for any additional freight charges.

All goods shipped by Sylprotec are insured and all risks inherent to shipping and deliveries are covered by Sylprotec Inc. As a guideline only, Purolator insures a parcel automatically according to its market value.

All orders placed to be sent in a Canadian place considered a fringe location will be referred to our personnel and you will be advised of any adjustments in the transport fees prior to the shipping of the merchandise.

The prices listed on the website don’t include the applicable taxes, shipping fees and insurance. The delivery costs are designated by Purolator, and additional charges may apply. You will always be notified before any action is launched.

*Please note that all merchandise exceeding 150 lb (68 kg) will not be processed automatically by the carrier of your choice. It is thus strongly possible that the price featured on the website doesn’t match the real price. In any cases, a Sylprotec Inc. customer service representative will contact you to clear out the conditions under which the sale and transport take place.

Please note that additional fees will be applied automatically for the transportation of any merchandise deemed dangerous such as portable fire extinguishers and certain models of batteries for personal safety equipment.

The warranties on all merchandise purchased are the sole responsibility of the manufacturers of the said merchandise. Sylprotec Inc. will act as the main liaison between the customer and the manufacturer whenever the situation applies.

All goods should be inspected upon receiving them and, in case of breakage or other damage, the customer has the responsibility to call Sylprotec Inc. right away.

In the vent of faulty good, please warn Sylprotec Inc. customer service department immediately, which will indicate the steps to follow.

Shipping charges for the defective goods shall be borne by Sylprotec, according to the individual case. The time and cost of delivery may vary according to the destination of the shipment, the delivery method selected and the product availability. Delivery times are estimated from the time the products leave business place.