Fire Protection

In this section, features essential items to fire protection. Our wide range of products caters to both industries and private individuals. In addition, Sylprotec provides advice and an inspection program, as well as an after sale service for many fire safety equipment.

- Here are displayed fire extinguishers for all types of fires: wood and p...

In this section, features essential items to fire protection. Our wide range of products caters to both industries and private individuals. In addition, Sylprotec provides advice and an inspection program, as well as an after sale service for many fire safety equipment.

- Here are displayed fire extinguishers for all types of fires: wood and paper (Class A), flammable liquids (Class B), electrical fires (Class C), metal fires (Class D), and cooking oils and fats (Class K). Is also displayed many accessories for portable fire extinguishers, such as specific hooks for each extinguisher model and wall-mounted or built-in cabinets for extinguishers. We also provide theft-prevention device for portable fire extinguishers.

- If your building is equipped with fire hoses, we have a selection of fire hoses for occasional and for intensive use.

- To enable a more efficient emergency evacuation, our range of emergency light units is sure to meet all your needs. Here you will find products ranging from simple emergency lighting units to master units, and even emergency lighting units for explosive environments. We also offer replacement parts such as batteries, light bulbs, electronic circuits"EXIT" signs and spotlights.

- In a location where flammable liquids or combustible liquids are present, a flammable liquids storage cabinet shall be needed. Sylprotec offers a wide range of storage cabinets and containers certified for flammable liquids to limit the potential spread of fire.

- Sylprotec has a large selection of fire safety and fire prevention devices, including a wide range of residential smoke detectors and gas detectors for carbon monoxide (CO), propane, and natural gas. 

Our customer service can help you find any products suitable for your needs.


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  • Cabinets & Cans for Flammable Liquids

    All flammable liquids should be safely handled and stored which is why safe containers to reduce fire hazard are available on the market. Our wide selection of products ranging from safe containers to storage cabinets will meet needs regarding all flammable liquids including liquid chemicals.

    Sylprotec offers several ULC, UL or FM approved products to store flammable or chemical liquids. It is easier to be insured by Canadian insurers with products certified ULC.

    No matter the type of chemical handling, we have the right container for you need. For more information, please contact our customer service.

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

    In this section, you will find information on portable fire extinguishers. Portable fire extinguishers are an essential piece of safety equipment, whatever the type of building, in order to control potential fires before the arrival of firefighters. A fire extinguisher must at all-time remain functional, accessible and near range to extinguish flames at the source even if other fire safety devices such as sprinklers or alarm systems are already installed.

    To make a sensible choice, a good look at the environment is first required in order to determine any potential fire hazard as well as the maximum distance necessary to reach a portable fire extinguisher.

    For clear overviews, entrust the task to Sylprotec trained specialists whether it concerns:

    Sylprotec offers and on demand installs the following portable extinguishers:

    • ABC class dry chemical portable fire extinguishers
    • BC class dry standard portable fire extinguishers
    • BC class purple-K dry chemical portable fire extinguishers
    • BC class carbon dioxide (CO2) portable fire extinguishers
    • A class water portable fire extinguishers
    • AC class water mist portable fire extinguishers
    • AB class AFFF portable fire extinguishers
    • K class wet liquid portable fire extinguishers
    • D class combustible metal portable extinguishers
    • ABC & BC class FE36 gas portable fire extinguishers
    • Bottle of ABC-type powder for forest workers.

    We also distribute and, on the demand, install the following accessories:

    Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for a quote or for additional details.

  • Fire Extinguishers Cabinets and Covers

    Sylprotec offers a selection of wall-mounted or built-in cabinets for portable fire extinguishers.

    Wall-mounted cabinets are often installed in apartment buildings, in order to protect your portable fire extinguishers against vandalism or theft.

    It is also possible to obtain specialized cabinets

    • Weatherproof wall-mounted cabinet for indoors installation
    • Weatherproof wall-mounted cabinet for outdoors installation

    Built-in cabinets are primarily used to conceal portable fire extinguishers while allowing access in case of fire. It is more likely to have a built-in cabinet in hallways since the built-ins prevent one from colliding with a fire extinguisher. Some models are equipped with anti-theft devices. For a more sophisticated touch, built-in cabinets are also available in stainless steel. We often find these built-in cabinet types in public places. 

    Wherever environmental conditions require it, covers are indicated to protect portable fire extinguishers from weather and dirt. A cover for the fire extinguisher allows:

    • To protect the discharge locking pin ensuring the easy removal in case of fire
    • To keep the pressure gauge always clean ensuring the right reading of internal pressure
    • To protect the inspection card of the fire extinguisher, retaining the proof of inspection
    • To protect the equipment from corrosion thus increasing the service life of your portable fire extinguisher

    Covers for fire extinguishers are most likely to be found:

    • On tow trucks
    • On garbage trucks
    • In food processing plants
    • In rooms where spray paint is applied
    • Near fuel pumps
    • In any other locations where fire extinguishers may be dirtied or exposed to water

    Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for advice and details on our selection of products.

  • Fire Hoses and Accesories

    Fire hoses are usually disposed indoor in strategic locations to cover areas of higher fire hazard. Fire hoses may be installed in wall-mounted cabinet or on structural elements such as columns or walls. In manufacturing factories, fire hoses are usually found near the most dangerous areas, while in commercial buildings, fire hoses are located near public areas.

    Sylprotec offers several types of fire hose to meet environmental and your operational needs. Many accessories are also available to properly set the fire hose up and safeguard it from punctures. We distribute and install, at your request, the following products:

    We also offer accessories for fire hoses installation:

    For more details on our products, please contact our customer service and do not hesitate to call our technicians to have your fire hoses tested and checked.

  • Emergency Lighting and Accessories

    The main function of emergency lighting is to safely proceed to the nearest emergency exit. These safety devices are an essential element of an emergency plan since they supply emergency lighting and allow people to move safely toward an exit. Indeed, emergency managers should ensure that all personnel who might otherwise find themselves in a building have no hurdles to overcome when evacuating in case of power failure.

    Emergency lighting equipment comprises mainly four elements:

    • Electric circuit which normally charge the batteries and switch on lightbulbs in the event of power outage
    • Spotlights located strategically to floodlight the escape path
    • Batteries which supply up to 30 minutes of power to the lightbulbs
    • Housing which contains all batteries, circuits and lightbulbs

    Sylprotec has many products to propose:

    Emergency lighting equipment should be annually checked. As the service lifetime of a battery can range from 3 to 5 years, we recommend replacing the batteries every 4 years.

    Sylprotec skilled technicians are ready to inspect your emergency lighting units, whether it involves keeping your equipment in good operating condition, replacing lightbulbs and batteries, or making repairs when necessary.

    We also provide a report which includes an inventory of every emergency lighting units and points out potential replacements units for better planning following each inspection. For more details, please contact our customer service.

  • Fire Protection Signs

    As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In both public places and industries, it is important to show and remind everyone the locations of your fire emergency equipment, whether it be fire alarms, fire extinguishers or  fire hoses. At Sylprotec, we believe that proper signage helps save precious minutes in emergency situations.

    There are many types of signs and posters available. To choose the appropriate sign for your needs, begin by selecting the pictogram that matches your needs. Then select the proper size of the sign according to the usual distance between people and the sign. Finally, choose the material of the sign according to the environment where it will be displayed or simply according to your preferences.

    Sylprotec has a complete range of signs and posters compliant to CSA, OSHA and other regulations including all types commonly used for emergency equipment.

    Our signs and posters are mainly made of:

    • Adhesive vinyl
    • Styrene or PVC
    • Aluminium

    Why not ask us to install your signs to pinpoint the locations of your fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire hoses? Give yourself the chance to have a well-protected environment with our signs. If you cannot determine the type of sign you need or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service which is always ready to help and advise you.

  • Hooks for portable Fire Extinguisher

    In this section, you will find information on all the types of carrying hooks and hangers available for portable fire extinguishers. It is worth noting that for each model of portable fire extinguishers there may be one or many compatible hook types. We offer wall-mounted hooks for a large selection of portable fire extinguishers as well as universal spring hooks and heavy duty carrying hooks suitable for vehicles.

    To find the appropriate model of hook, one must first know the manufacturer of the fire extinguisher and its format. Then, it is necessary to determine whether you need a wall hook or a hook for vehicles. For instance, a Buckeye fire extinguisher, format 10 lbs with a wall-mounted hook would be item CB10. However, if you wish to install your fire extinguisher on a motorized vehicle, the heavy-duty carrying hook model CV-5 would be the right choice.

    Our selection of hooks for portable fire extinguishers covers the following models of fire extinguishers:

    Please note that some manufacturers have modified their fire extinguisher models over time. To ensure you purchase the correct items, do not hesitate to contact our customer service to confirm your selection.

  • Fire Protection Accessories

    Nowadays, having at least one working smoke alarm at home is the minimum prerequisite. Yet, many lose their life each year due to household fires. Indeed, we have less than 3 minutes to safely evacuate a burning house which is why it shouldn’t be a necessity to insist upon the importance of a smoke detector. Please note that a smoke detector doesn’t necessarily indicate the presence of carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas.

    Sylprotec offers a selection of smoke detectors:

    Moreover, heating equipment fuelled by oil, wood, propane or natural gas may generate carbon monoxide (CO) if defective. It should be reminded that exposure to carbon monoxide may induce a loss of consciousness and even death. This is why it is essential that you supply your household with carbon monoxide detectors if you use one of the heating methods listed above.

    Therefore, in this section you will also find gas detectors for:

    In some circumstances it may be useful and even necessary to install more safety devices:

    Sylprotec offers all these products in order to ensure your safety in case of fire. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for more details.