In this section, you will find information about the training courses offered by Sylprotec. Our expertise in the domains of fire safety and personal safety equipments guarantees a successful, enjoyable training course for you and your colleagues. We are always pleased to share our knowledge and to offer advice to our customers.

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Portable fire extinguisher training

This training course covers both workplace-specific fire hazards (according to our customers’ specific needs) and residential fire hazards. Theory topics covered include the chemistry of fire, existing fire safety policies, and an overview of the different types of fire extinguishers, as well as general fire safety advice. The course includes a video presentation. An outdoors practice session lets all participants practice using real portable fire extinguishers (not on real fire, for safety reasons). The course concludes with a short written test. After successfully completing this training course, each participant will receive a certificate testifying their new skills.

Training objective

• Enabling the safe use of portable fire extinguishers.

Main topics

• Present current policies concerning the supply and use of portable fire extinguishers;
• Present the different types of fires and the appropriate fire extinguishers to use on each type of fire;
• Show a video presentation about extinguishing the different types of fires;
• Provide safety advice about the use of each type of fire extinguisher;
• Allow each student to use a real fire extinguisher in an outdoors practice session (without real fire);
• Provide a short test of 10 questions.

Course duration: 3 hours. Two training sessions may be booked in the same day (morning and afternoon) if needed.
Class size: Up to 18 participants per group.
Rate: 700$ per training session. Includes literature and fire extinguishers for practice.
We are available to travel outside the Greater Montreal area. Extra travel charges apply.

Please contact our customer service for further details, to obtain a custom price quote, and to book our certified trainer.

Respiratory protection training

Our training course for respiratory protection equipment is directed to companies whose employees must use negative-pressure respirators.

This type of respirators includes disposable respirator masks, half facepiece respirators and full facepiece respirators. These are the most common respirators and they are suitable for the needs of the most workers. Negative-pressure respirators are used where the concentrations of contaminants are known and where the work environment does not present any additional health risks, such as lack of oxygen. By wearing proper respiratory protection, workers will avoid reaching the exposure limits for the contaminant in question: the time-averaged threshold limit value (TLV-TWA) and the short-term exposure limit (TLV-STEL), as defined by the Regulation Respecting the Quality of the Work Environment. When a worker is exposed to values higher than the aforementioned limits, serious health problems may result, such as lung disease, cancer, etc. The use of adequate negative-pressure respirators, as well as the proper maintenance of such equipment, allows workers to withstand contaminant concentrations at least 10 times higher than the exposure limits. However, since negative-pressure respirators are not equipped with an oxygen supply, it is vital to ensure that they will be used in an environment with sufficient oxygen.

During this training course, we will support and advise our customers to help them choose the best respirator type for their needs and for the type of work. Following that, we will detail the respirators’ properties, their operation, the types of filters or cartridges available, their installation, and how to wear them. We will also instruct workers on how to properly adjust their respirators, and how to maintain their respirators and their masks. Lastly, we will teach the procedure for performing qualitative seal testing. All in all, we strive to teach impeccable respiratory protection to all our participants.

Our customized pricing is calculated according to the number of participants in the training course and on the complexity of the course. For more information or to obtain a price quote, please contact Mr. Sylvain Patrice, extension 203.