All purchases are made in Canadian dollars. Sylprotec Inc. accepts various payment methods when placing your order on the website:

*Please note that if you choose the check method of payment, your items will be held in until the payment has been perceived. Commercial customers who hold an account with Sylprotec Inc. and usually pay by check, the merchandise will be sent as the contract between both parties stipulates while Sylprotec Inc. is awaiting the payment.

Upon the acceptance of your credit line, you will be able to freely order any items directly from our website and the merchandise will be shipped as long as you keep a clean credit report. Sylprotec Inc. reserves the right to stop a transaction if an online customer:
- Has one or more unpaid invoice for a period exceeding 60 days;
- Has a bad payment history;
- Has a change in his personal credit.

When the order is placed, the payment will be perceived immediately.

Orders are shipped once Sylprotec Inc. has received the complete payment for the goods including taxes and shipping fees.

If we do not have the totality or a part of your order in inventory, we will have to wait until all the items ordered are available for a full order sent in one shipping. If the customer needs the merchandise he ordered quickly, we can ship the part of your order which is available as soon as possible, but the customer will have to assume the shipping cost incurred by two shipments or more. In the event where Sylprotec is unable to provide the items or a part of the items ordered, the order or the part of the order which is unavailable will be automatically cancelled after 60 days. A refund will be issued accordingly to the situation—unless Sylprotec has informed you otherwise about a shipment later than 30 days after the purchase. Sylprotec Inc. will not be responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result of an inventory shortage.