Fall Protection

For work at heights or in confined spaces, wearing a safety harness and other fall protection equipment can save your life, or at least greatly reduce the risk of injury. Our product selection represents the most popular equipment for fall protection.

The wide variety of potentially dangerous situations requires the user to be familiar with the...

For work at heights or in confined spaces, wearing a safety harness and other fall protection equipment can save your life, or at least greatly reduce the risk of injury. Our product selection represents the most popular equipment for fall protection.

The wide variety of potentially dangerous situations requires the user to be familiar with the type of equipment required. Whether you need horizontal fall protection systems, vertical fall protection systems, or systems for confined spaces, we have it:

Our selection of harness is designed to meet the needs of workers. Whether you are looking for a simple safety harness or for a sophisticated design, we have it. If you wish to get more information about fall protection, please contact our customer service or come try safety harnesses in our showroom.


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  • Fall Protection Safety Harness

    Safety harnesses are designed to prevent workers from falling. In order to adapt to the diverse tasks that workers may need to perform, safety harnesses exist in a wide variety of configurations, answering each user’s specific needs.

    Manufacturers classify safety harnesses in 5 groups according to the equipment’s primary functions:

    • Standard fall protection = Group A
    • Fall protection and work positioning = Group P
    • Fall protection and descent = Group D
    • Fall protection and ladder climbing = Group L
    • Fall protection and work in confined spaces = Group E

    Moreover, safety harnesses are available in various materials, offering various levels of resistance depending on the working conditions. Here are the types of materials offered and their features:

    • Polyester offers a better resistance to UV rays (sun) and to chemicals
    • Nylon offers a smoother surface and is resistant to alkali products
    • Nomex is flame-resistant and is indicated for welders

    There are also various types of harness buckles:

    • Friction buckles for basic safety harnesses
    • Tongue buckles for faster adjustments
    • Quick-connect buckles for precise adjustments

    Consider including these add-ons for a more comfortable fit and a better-performing safety harness:

    • An anchorage lanyard
    • A padded belt for back support and for attaching tool bags
    • One or more additional D-rings
    • A built-in safety vest

    Here are our main types of safety harnesses and accessories:

    • Nylon safety harnesses with 1 to 6 D-rings
    • Nylon safety harnesses with anchorage lanyards
    • High-visibility safety harnesses with 3 D-rings
    • Polyester safety harnesses with 1 D-ring
    • Adjustable polyester safety harnesses with 1 to 5 D-rings
    • Peakworks safety harnesses
    • Heavy-duty safety harnesses for workers of 400 lb and more
    • Nomex flame-resistant safety harnesses for welders
    • Durabilt safety harnesses for construction workers

    We are a certified distributor of Peakworks, Miller and North Safety products.

  • Lanyards

    Sylprotec offers a wide range of fall protection lanyards with shock absorbers. Lanyards are the type of fall arrest equipment that connects a safety harness to an anchor point. It is of the utmost importance to select the proper lanyard. To do this, first identify your fall arrest needs according to these basic criteria:

         1. Length and shape of the lanyard
         2. Position of the anchor point
         3. Falling distance
         4. Type of snap hooks or carabiners on the lanyard

    1. Length of the lanyard: Fall arrest lanyards are offered in 4 ft or 6 ft lengths. If you need a longer lanyard, you should consider purchasing a self-retracting lanyard. If you must transfer from one anchor to another during the course of your work, a dual-leg Y-shaped lanyard will allow you to always remain connected to at least one anchor.

    2. Position of the anchor point: It is extremely important to establish a good anchor point. In the field, finding a good anchor point is often a challenge. A good solution may be difficult to implement: sometimes an anchor structure will have to be built, or it may become necessary to drill through existing structures. In general, workers find it more practical to have an anchor above their heads. This way, the fall protection equipment will be less intrusive while working. Moreover, above-head anchors decrease the free fall distance before the deployment of the shock absorber.

    3. Falling distance: When falling, workers will free-fall on a certain distance. The shock that will be felt when the fall is arrested is proportionate to the fall distance. In general, fall arrest lanyards must be equipped with a decelerating component called a personal shock absorber. As its name implies, this component acts like a break: by deploying, it absorbs the energy of the fall arrest shock. In this way, the worker will be protected from the shock and will avoid injuries that may otherwise be severe. All our lanyards are equipped with personal shock absorbers.

    4. Snap hooks or carabiners: Snap hooks and carabiners are connecting devices. All fall arrest lanyards have two connecting devices, one at each end. Standard carabiners have a gate opening of ¾" and are perfect for connecting to safety harness D-rings. Larger carabiners, also called snap hooks, are used to be connected to some types of anchor systems. There are 3 types of carabiners/snap hooks:

    • Standard carabiners of a ¾" gate opening
    • Rebar carabiners of 1 ¾“ gate opening
    • Scaffolding carabiners of 2 ½“ gate opening

    It is relevant to sort out the length of the lanyard by taking into account all the factors listed above, considering that the lanyard directly determines the fall distance. However, other factors affecting the fall safety window must also be considered, such as:

    • The height of the anchor
    • The height of the worker
    • The length of non-deployed lanyard
    • The length of the deployed shock absorber (about 3.5 feet)
    • The slide of the D-ring towards the shoulders during a fall (about 1 foot)
    • The existence of a D-ring extension strap on the harness

     Sylprotec offers many lanyards including:

    • North (Honeywell) Durabilt polyester webbing lanyards
    • Dual-leg Y-shaped lanyards
    • 3-strand nylon rope lanyards
    • Nylon webbing lanyards
    • Polyester webbing recovery straps
  • Self-Retracting Lanyard & Lifeline

    Sylprotec offers self-retracting lanyards and life lines for the safety of workers performing tasks at heights. Self-retracting lanyards and lifelines are used when the worker must hook himself on a distance over 6 feet. 

    The device includes a strap or cable wound in a housing provided with a braking system. Some models are equipped with an overload indicator. The recovery of a worker after a fall is facilitated with a self-retracting lanyard because the rope remains tight and locked to below 9 inches. The choice for an optimal equipment must take into account:

    • The work environment
    • The required length
    • The type of carabiners

    The materials of the self-retracting belt or wiring are based on the worker's environment:

    • Polyester webbing 2 in (50mm) for regular places
    • Dyneema and polyester webbing of ¾ in (20 mm) for a cut resistant strap
    • Wiring stainless steel 3/16 in (5 mm) for the food industries
    • Galvanized steel wire 3/16 in (5 mm) for a chemical resistance

    Type of carabiners offered:

    • Regular carabiners
    • Rebar hook

    It is important to remember that these facilities require inspection by the manufacturer 2 years after the date of commissioning of equipment and each year thereafter. Contact our customer service to get the inspection service self-retracting lanyards.

  • Rope & Rope Grab

    Sylprotec offers many rope grab and lifeline for the vertical fall protection for workers, including roofers. You can get the following products:

    • Rope grab with panic lock; without a decelerator
    • Automatic rope grab 
    • 3 strand rope 5/8 in
    • Copolymer rope 5/8 inch.

    Please note that it is recommended to use pieces of equipment that come from the same manufacturer.

  • Anchorage & Connectors

    Sylprotec offers many different connections and anchorage for fall protection of the workers at heights. The anchor point often brings headaches to occupational health and safety professionals. How to hook myself and especially where to hook myself? Our products will meet the first question, that is, how to hook myself. As for the second question, that is, where to hook myself, the answer being you should set an anchor point that is higher than the worker’s head and which can resist a strength over 5000 lb. Engineering services are often required to make the calculations right and get the certification. Our products are:

    • D-shaped anchorage
    • Roof anchorage connector
    • Permanent swivel anchorage connector
    • Reusable concrete anchorage connector
    • Sheave pulley for steel cable or synthetic rope
    • Galvanized steel PVC coated cable
    • Trolley for steel structure
    • Tie rod for steel structure
    • Spectra straps
    • Various types of slings and carabiners

    Never forget that a full fall protection equipment consists of a harness, restraint system and an anchor point. Your installation must be able to withstand the impact force generated by the sudden stop of your body in free-fall. The anchor and connection are critical to your safety.

  • Roofing Kits

    Sylprotec offers many comprehensive fall protection kits for roofers. They have shown themselves easy to carry and use, and may as well be twinned with other related accessories.

    • Peakworks fall protection kit, 50 ft

    If you wish to replace a component of your roofer’s kit or simply add accessories, Sylprotec put forward these following items:

    • Peakworks harness for fall protection
    • Peakworks polyester lanyard with an energy absorber
    • Automatic rope grab with panic lever
    • Temporary roof anchor (FPA827 or FPA829).
  • Tripod & Lifelines for Confined Spaces

    Sylprotec offers recovery equipment for workers in confined spaces. This equipment has been design to connect a body harness and a lifeline. This equipment also has a dual function, to ensure that the worker does not fall during the descent and ensure the safe recovery of the worker in case of fainting. Equipment presented are:

    • The tripod
    • The retractable lifeline
    • A fall protection harness with 5 D-rings
    • Support for lifeline
    • The storage bag

    Due to the danger of the tasks associated with work in confined spaces, a place where a man would normally not venture, only the qualified personnel should perform the tasks. In general the following should also be evaluated:

    • The level of risk which represent the confined space
    • The mandatory signage to restrain access to the confined space
    • The specialized equipment for the task such as gas detectors, respirators, ventilators, recovery devices, suits, radios, etc.
    • The training of personnel on risks associated with confined spaces
    • The training of personnel on the use of the required safety equipment
    • Contingency plan in case of unforeseen circumstances
    • Any other elements relevant to the situation
  • Horizontal Lifeline

    In this section, you will find temporary fall protection devices. These devices are actually horizontal lifeline systems to which a worker or two can hook themselves to while safely working at heights on a horizontal surface.

    Such safety apparatus normally features at least two anchorage points at a maximum distance of 12 meters between which a tense wire or a rope also known as a flexible belaying support is installed. More often than not, there will be intermediate anchorage points between the two main anchorage points to allow a wider working surface while limiting the deflection of the support.

    Once the horizontal lifeline is well installed, it offers a failsafe protection adapted to the architectural structure as well as offering many possibilities of movement thanks to the flexibility of the support. The advantage of having such a safety devise is that it’s really easy to use because workers only have to hook their lanyard or retracting line in a snap to the support and don’t have to come loose every time they have to move. For this reason, this type of equipment has become mandatory on most work sites at heights in the province of Quebec.

    You can also find on the market some permanent horizontal anchorage systems for the structures frequently climbed on. That type of equipment is at a much higher price and must be approved by an engineer. It is however possible to find such a device; all that’s needed is to contact our customer service.

    For more information or to get a product which is not featured on our website, please contact our customer service.

  • Fall Protection Accessories

    In this section, you will find many accessories which may prove themselves quite useful at times whether you are in the air or on the ground. We offer accessories such as:

    • Carrying bags and totes
    • Fall protection rescue stirrup
    • Positioning belts, ropes and chains
    • Fall protection extenders
    • Energy absorbers
    • Snap hooks and carabiners

    Carrying bags are quite useful when it comes to protect your protection equipment. Indeed, the materials in which lanyards and safety harnesses are made are photosensitive; one must thus keep them away from the sun rays on the back seat of a truck for example. This is where a bag comes handy: it allows you to keep your fall protection equipment safe so that it keeps you safe.

    Fall protection rescue stirrups are useful when you have withstood a fall and you’re waiting for the rescue team to come. For the time being, they will relieve the pressure caused by the harness which may cause damage.

    Positioning equipment have been put on the market to facilitate workers labor. Indeed with that type of equipment you may be in full control of your movement and balance even on an inclined rooftop. In the end, positioning equipment make you more efficient on the worksite while keeping you safe.

    Fall protection extenders and energy absorbers have been design for particular complex systems requiring more protection than usual.

    Finally, our selection of snap hooks and carabiners allows you to find a spare piece of equipment if you have to replace one or to adapt your safety equipment to many different worksites.

    For more information or for a product which doesn’t feature yet on our website, please contact our customer service.