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First of all, you can download our electronic catalogs in PDF format.


We also advise you free publication offered by the CNESST. Prevention is unfortunately not always taken seriously by the contractors or their contributions to time make significant proportions. Beyond contributions and factors that apply loads over several years it is important not to forget the human factor. It is wrong to claim that amount of money can compensate for an eye, a leg or the use of these legs.

In addition, we advise our customers to join a mutual prevention. Through contributions, you will have counselors who can help you improve your record of accidents.

Prevention Manual


An essential need to unquestionably is certainly a favorite directory toxicological free CSST. This is a directory that will complement your knowledge about chemicals used at work. This independent source of information very detail will allow you to make better safety measures for your workers.

Toxicology Guide


In addition, if your company must implement a respiratory protection program you are interested to consult the respiratory guide.


A site for information and advice on safety equipment.