Here you will find the order forms that we have developed over the years so as to better serve our customers. The forms may be downloaded by clicking on the red link. The documets are in PDF format.


1 - First aid order form
One of the our most frequently used forms, this form makes it easy to to order any needed items for your first aid kits. This document lists all required items for a first aid kit for a Québec establishment (CNESST minimum content). In addition, we suggest a few other useful (or even essential!) items, depending on your line of work.

First aid order form (PDF)


2 - Custom signage order form
This form lists all criteria to consider when sending a request for a custom sign. All you need to do is download the form and return it completed to us. This is a convenient way to ensure nothing will be omitted: size, material, shape, colors, etc.

Custom signage order form (PDF)


3 - Manual order form
The traditional manual order form is still used by many of our customers. You can write your order and fax it to us.

Manual order form (PDF)


4 - Account opening form
If you plan to become a regular Sylprotec customer, why not open an account? You will obtain a credit limit and your orders may be paid by check or by direct deposit. Please note, however, that this privilege is requires payment within 30 days. Sylprotec reserves the right to grant or revoke this privilege according to the customer's credit file.

Account opening form (PDF)