Woven gloves in flame-retardant fiber, ARC2 arc-resistant, neoprene-coated palm, made in Canada, sold by the pair

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ARC2 flame-retardant fiber woven gloves, neoprene-coated palm, made in Canada, sold by pair.

This glove model is available in sizes ranging from small (7) to double extra-large (11). Please select your size in the box above.

Superior Glove Manufacturer’s Code: S13FRNE

Do you work in a sector where you’re exposed to the risk of electric arcs? Are you looking for a glove that provides effective protection against cuts, burns and punctures? Then the flame-retardant, arc-resistant glove is for you!

This glove is a blend of DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber with undisclosed flame-retardant fibers, giving it an Arc Flash test level of 2, as well as ANSI abrasion resistance level 3, 360° glove-wide cut protection with its ANSI level A4 rating, and ANSI puncture resistance level 3. Arc flash tests place these gloves at level 2, with an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of 11 cal/cm².

The palm and first phalanges are coated with flame-retardant neoprene for improved grip and thermal insulation. It is also treated with Ultra-Fresh to make it 99.9% antimicrobial.

The neoprene, arc-resistant glove is ideal for petrochemicals, utilities, oil & gas, or any other field where you handle live electrical equipment. It offers optimal dexterity and comfort, while ensuring maximum safety.

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About its classification:
Arc Flash test level 2: Garments in this category have a minimum arc index of 8 cal/cm2, offering an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of 11 cal/cm².

Abrasion ANSI level 3: The ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 standard, updated in 2016, evaluates the abrasion resistance of industrial work gloves, for level 3, tests are carried out with a load of 500 grams on the abrasion wheel.

Cut 360° ANSI level A4: The ANSI standard comprises 9 classification levels. The higher the cut level, the greater the glove’s cut resistance. For level A4, the cut resistance is 1500g-2199g. This means that gloves can withstand a cut force of up to 2199 grams before breaking. 360° protection means that the glove offers cut protection across its entire surface, not just on the palm or back of the hand.

ANSI Level 3 puncture resistance: Level 3 offers moderate puncture protection.

Information on DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber:
This is a heat-resistant synthetic para-aramid fiber with a molecular structure composed of many interchain bonds, making it incredibly strong. It is used in a variety of garments, accessories and equipment to make them safer and more durable. The fiber is versatile and strong, and is more than just a series of threads. It is five times stronger than steel at the same weight, making it an essential fiber for protective clothing and accessories.

Special feature:
Part of Superior Glove’s Dexterity® family, this glove offers ease of hand movement thanks to its 13-gauge knit shell. It features a neoprene coating on the palm and first phalanges of the fingers. The neoprene coating offers oil resistance while providing a solid, stable grip for both wet and dry conditions. Plus, it’s made with latex-free materials to reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions.

These gloves are recommended for maintenance in petrochemical facilities, refineries and utilities.

It is important to ensure that gloves are the correct size and fit to guarantee optimum protection.

Care and durability:
To care for these gloves, we recommend hand-washing them in lukewarm water with a small amount of liquid detergent. It is important not to put them through the washing machine or have them dry-cleaned. It is also recommended not to use fabric softener or chlorine. Textile gloves can be tumble-dried at a low temperature. When they are still half damp, slip them on and shake your fists to restore their original shape.

The classification of flame-retardant garments, including those in the ARC 2 category, is based on their resistance to electric arcs. Here's a detailed explanation:

  1. Category 1: These garments have a minimum arc rating of 4 cal/cm².
  2. Category 2 (ARC 2): These garments have a minimum arc rating of 8 cal/cm². They are generally sufficient for installations with a risk of less than 8 cal/cm². If the risk is greater than 8 cal/cm², the arc working distance can be increased (until an arc rating of 8 cal/cm² or less is achieved), or additional layers of clothing added until the right level of protection against incident energy is achieved.
  3. Category 3: These garments are arc-safe, provided the rating is at least 25 cal/cm.
  4. Category 4: These garments are arc-safe, provided the rating is at least 40 cal/cm.

What you need to know about flame-retardant garments:

Flame-retardant garments are working clothes that can resist combustion and protect the wearer from flames, electric arcs or other sources of intense heat. They are often worn by people working in sectors such as the oil industry, welding, electricity or metallurgy.

How do flame-retardant garments work?
Fire-retardant garments are made from special fabrics that have been chemically treated or are naturally fire-resistant, such as cotton, wool, leather, Nomex®, aramid and carbon fiber. These fabrics have the ability to ignite with difficulty, limit the spread of fire and extinguish quickly once the source of heat has been removed. They also form an insulating layer between the skin and the fire, reducing the risk of serious burns.

What are the safety standards for flame-retardant clothing?

Flame-retardant garments must meet strict safety standards that measure their ability to resist heat, extinguish quickly and not melt or tear. These standards vary by country and industry, but some of the most common are:

CGSB 155.20-2017, which governs flame and arc flash protective clothing for workers exposed to electrical hazards in Canada.

CSA Z96-15, which governs high-visibility clothing for workers exposed to traffic hazards in Canada.

CSA Z462-15, governing electrical safety practices for Canadian workplaces.

ISO 11612, which governs heat and flame protective clothing for workers exposed to thermal hazards worldwide.

How to choose flame-retardant clothing.
The choice of flame-retardant clothing depends on a number of factors, such as the type of risk to which you are exposed, the level of protection required, comfort, durability and cost. Here are a few tips for choosing flame-retardant clothing:

- Find out about the safety standards applicable to your industry and workplace, and check that flame-retardant clothing meets these standards.

- Consult the labels on flame-retardant garments, which indicate fabric composition, degree of thermal protection (TPP), arc thermal protection (ATPV) and risk class (ARC).

- Choose flame-retardant garments that offer a good balance between protection and comfort, taking into account climate, mobility and breathability.

- Choose flame-retardant garments that are adapted to your body shape, neither too tight nor too loose, and that provide optimal body coverage.

- Maintain flame-retardant garments according to the manufacturer's instructions, avoiding chemicals, bleaches or high temperatures, which could alter their effectiveness.

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Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categoryGloves
Sub sub categoryCut-resistant gloves
Name of the productAnti-cutting glove
Series of productsDexterity(Tm)
Product codeGS13FRNE
Approved/CertifiedArc Flash level 2 (ATPV) of 11 cal/cm², ANSI A4 cut, ANSI 3 abrasion, ANSI 3 perforation
ManufacturerSuperior gloves
Country of originCanada
type of cuffKnitted wrist
Antibacterial treatmentTreated with Ultra-Fresh® to make it 99.9% antimicrobial
Thermal protectionATPV (Arc Thermal Protective Value) of 11 cal/cm² CAT 2
CoatingThe palm and first phalanges are coated with flame-retardant neoprene
Fineness of the knitting13 Gauge
Flame ResistanceFlame resistant
Choice of formatSize small (7) to double extra-large (11) available
ReusableReusable with prior hygienic measurement
FeaturesArc Flash de 2, abrasion resistance ANSI level 3, 360° protection, ANSI level A4 cut and perforation ANSI level 3
Additional FeaturesArc flash tests place these gloves at level 2, with an arc thermal performance value (ATPV) of 11 cal/cm²
Characteristic adding safetyProvides 360° cut resistance
Comfort featuresTreated with Ultra-Fresh® to make it 99.9% antimicrobial
Material1Blend of DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber with undisclosed flame-retardant fibers
Material2Fire-retardant neoprene coating
WashableSimply wash them with cold water, that is, 85°F/30°C, and a mild detergent. It is also recommended to rinse your glove with cold water after wash. You can then dry them at low temperature in a dryer. Never use bleach on this glove
Length (in/cm)10 in / 25.4 cm
Width (in/cm)6 in / 15.24 cm
Height (in/cm)1 in / 2.54 cm
Weight (lb/kg)0.19 lb / 0.086 Kg
Sold byPair
Another packaging available1By the dozen (12 pairs)
Made in CanadaYes
RestrictionIt's important to ensure that gloves are the right size and fit for optimum protection
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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