Brown nylon mesh hair net 21", 30 pq of 12 units


Return conditions : No returnable

Fine mesh hair net, nylon, (brown) 21 in. 30 pq of 12 units. Used in the field of food or pharmaceutical. Disposable product after use

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categorySafety clothing
Sub sub categoryHair caps & net
Name of the productBrown nylon tight mesh hair net
Product codeVF3585
Approved/CertifiedNot certified
ManufacturerEmerson Summers
Country of originChina
Choice of formatUnique size
Format21 in / 53.3 cm
Maintenance freeDisposable product
FeaturesFine mesh hair net
Not washableIt is best to replace this item when it is too contaminated, worn or soiled. Do not attempt to wash it
Length (in/cm)6.5 in / 16.51 cm
Width (in/cm)0.25 in / 0.6 cm
Height (in/cm)3.75 in / 9.5 cm
Weight (lb/kg)0.07 lb / 0.031 Kg
Sold by30 pack of 12 units
Return conditionsNo returnable

Exemption CFIA hairnets_EN

Exemption CFIA hairnets_emerson_EN

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