Interlock knit lined rough finish polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) coated gloves of a length of 12 in. Large size only. Sold in pairs.


Interlock knit lined polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) coated glove with a rough finish and a total length of 12 in (30 cm). Sold in pairs.

Ansell-Edmont manufacturer’s code: 15-554

These gloves are available in large size only.

This glove meets EN388 standards as for protection against mechanical hazards. This level of protection is expressed by a pictogram followed by four numbers, in this case 3121, where the resistance to abrasion is 3/4, the cut resistance is 1/5, the tear resistance is 2/4 and the puncture resistance is 1/4.

GE15554 peculiarities:
This glove distinguishes itself by its abrasion resistance, its cut resistance and its puncture resistance. It is nearly inert to strong solvents including aromatics, aliphatics and chlorinated solvents. It is seen as the ultimate solution for protection from chemicals and industrial solvents. The unique characteristics of PVA provide a better protection for an extended period of time compared to other coatings. Please consult a chemical resistance charter for more details.

PVA properties:
PVA resists to most substances other coatings such as latex, neoprene or PVC don’t resist. It can withstand oils and grease as well. PVA also resists to deflections and may be used as barrier against some gases such as oxygen. PVA coating is water-soluble, thus it should never be with water or water-based solutions.

Use for:
This glove is recommended for workers in the electronics, handling strong organic solvents and working with epoxies and pre-preg.

Do not use for:
PVA coating is water-soluble, thus it should never be with water or water-based solutions. This glove has also been design on a medium frame, thus the large size may seem a little small. PVA has the bad habit to harden and narrow when often used with organic solvents.

Maintenance and service life:
This glove cannot be washed.

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