Portable vinyl welding screen, 5 x 4 ft, choice of color.


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Portable vinyl welding screen. 5 ft tall x 4 ft wide

Other sizes are also available, please contact us for details.

Screens are available with simple, double, triple or quadruple panels. See the "Also available" tab below for these options.

When purchasing, please mention the color of the screen or,if necessary, the material.

These screens are designed to protect workers around welding areas from welding arc flashes and burns.
These screens exceed OSHA specifications for enclosing welding operation areas where stick welding (SMAW), MIG welding (GMAW) or TIG welding are used.

These screens enclose welding areas for the protection of adjacent workers, for productivity increase since welding workers are visible, and for an immediate reaction if an accident has occurred.

Panels are attached to the frame with hooks.The frame is easily assembled and is made of light steel tubing that is corrosion-resistant, and includes adjustable folding legs. 

Heavy-duty casters are also available as an extra.

All the vinyl color options (except clear) are UV-absorbent to prevent welding arc flashes and burns (photokeratitis).

The colors available are:

  • clear (use only in the absence of welding arc flashes)

Opaque panels are offered in several types of materials, to be chosen according to the particular environmental conditions: cotton duck, vinyl-coated polyester, neoprene-coated nylon, fiberglass, aramid fiber, etc.

Do not hesitate to call Sylprotec for more details or if you have questions.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryIndustrial accessoiries
Sub categoryIndustrial curtains
Sub sub categoryWelding screens
Name of the productPortable welding screen
Product codeAGP54
Dimensions of the productThe dimensions of the product depend on the size selected by the customer.
Return conditionsNo returnable


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