Cowhide and Spandex Impacto® half finger gel workglove for abrasion and impact protection. Sold in pairs.


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Cowhide and Spandex Impacto® half finger gel workglove for abrasion and impact protection. Sold in pairs.

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Impacto manufacturer’s code: 400-00

These gloves are available in sizes ranging from extra-small (6) to double extra-large (11). The manufacturer recommends you order a smaller size than your normal glove size since these were designed on a bigger template. Please select the size needed in the field located above.

GV400 peculiarities:
This impact protection glove is made of a sponge-like material on the back of the hand and the thumb, a black cowhide leather palm and a spandex with terry cloth back. The Spandex and terry cloth blend offers maximum comfort and dexterity. Gel paddings are lodged in the palm and index finger to protect from shock and impact. This glove is provided with an adjustable Velcro® closure at the wrist to keep in place. The manufacturer also claims that the open back ensures cool comfort. At last, the half finger style comes in quite handy whenever one needs the tactile feedback and mobility that only free fingers provide. However, these gloves are not certified anti-vibration according to the ISO 10819 standard as they do not cover the entire hand.

Cowgrain properties:
The grain, in this case, cowgrain, comes from the slitting of thicker hides in two sheets: the surface of the skin, the finest part known as ‘full grain’ is the real leather as opposed to the subsurface, known as split-leather. Cowgrain is mainly the most popular leather on the market since cowhide strikes a good balance of durability, dexterity, abrasion resistance, and comfort besides being quite cost-efficient.

Spandex properties:
Spandex also known as elastane is a synthetic fiber containing at least 85% of polyurethane is also known for its exceptional elasticity. Indeed, Spandex can extend to 600% its original length before beginning to show signs of tearing. It also exhibits the ability to recover its original form after being stretched and dries at a blistering speed which is quite convenient while working.

Use for:
This type of glove is recommended to workers dealing with tools such as hammers, hammer drills and other impact inducing machines. This glove protects from abrasion and impacts which make it an excellent candidate to protect workers from hand-held or hand guided power tools.

Of course, this glove offers no sure protection against frostbites, cuts, wear, tear and puncture so mechanical risks should not be overlooked. This glove moreover helps absorb and dampen impacts, but can’t possibly prevent all hazards nor avoid the development of occupational diseases due to repetitive work.

Maintenance and service life:
It is not recommended to wash this glove since water and soap tend to rob leather of its natural oils which makes it stiffen and become brittle. If the nature of your work requires that you wash them, we recommend that you dry clean them.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categoryGloves
Sub sub categoryAnti-vibration gloves, anti-impact gloves and others
Name of the productAnti-vibration glove
Series of productsGelWork
Product codeGV400
type of cuffKnitted wrist
Palmar surface of the hand and index finger Equipped with pods of lightweight cellular chloroprene 
Internal palmar surface of the handWith gel padding on the palm and under the forefinger
Back surface of the handMade of an assembly of Spandex and terry knit fabric
Choice of formatSize extra small (6) to double extra-large (11) available
ReusableReusable with prior hygienic measurement
Additional FeaturesHalf-finger glove for more tactile feel
Material1Cowgrain leather
WashableWash in cold water at 85°F/30°C with mild detergent. It is recommended to rinse gloves in cold water before drying. Spread to dry. Never use bleach on this glove
Not washableIt is preferable to replace this glove when it is too worn or soiled. Do not attempt to wash them
Length (in/cm)6 in / 15.24 cm
Width (in/cm)6 in / 15.24 cm
Height (in/cm)4 in / 10.1 cm
Weight (lb/kg)0.5 lb / 0.22 Kg
Sold byPair
Another packaging available1By the dozen (12 pairs)
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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