13 mil thick vinyl reinforced with polyester thread installed in a mesh, flame, oil and acid resistant.


Return conditions : No returnable

Minimum order of 75$ per type of material.

When placing an order, please indicate:
1. The curtain's final dimensions (width and height)
2. The placement of the grommets:
   - On top of the curtain only
   - All around the curtain perimeter

Clear, 13 mil (0.330 mm) thick, flame and tear resistant PVC sheet. Ideal for outdoor installations. This vinyl offers superior resistance to temperature extremes while remaining flexible. In addition, it has prolonged resistance to ultraviolet rays and finally excels against tearing. The design of this vinyl, reinforced with a polyester thread installed in a lattice, makes it a champion against tears. The lattices are approximately 1 cm2 in size. The polyester thread adds tear resistance by limiting the progression of the tear, and is easily washed.

Sold by the square foot. Please purchase according to the number of square feet you need.
1 square foot (sq/ft.) = 12 inches X 12 inches = 144 square inches (
(1 square foot = 30.5 cm X 30.5 cm = 930.25 cm2)
This clear vinyl allows 100% light transmission. It is resistant to flames, water, grease, oils, and to most common acids.

Great for confining machinery and for protection against particulates, while conserving good visibility.
Not to be used as welding screen.
During curtain construction, grommets are placed every 12 inches. You must specify whether the grommets should be placed on top of the curtain only or all around the curtain perimeter (contour).

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryIndustrial accessoiries
Sub categoryIndustrial curtains
Sub sub categoryMaterials for industrial curtains
Name of the productSafety cutains
Product codeAGFC050
ManufacturerAGO Industries Inc
Country of originCanada
Thickness in mils13 mils
FeaturesAvailable with grommet on top or all around
Additional FeaturesHighly tear resistant, polyester thread reinforced vinyl installed in a mesh
ResistanceResistan to flame, water, grease, oil and most acid
Material113 mil PVC vinyl (0.3302 mm), reinforced by a polyester thread installed in a mesh
Material2Brass grommets
Sold byPer square foot
Dimensions of the productThe dimensions of the product depend on the size selected by the customer.
Return conditionsNo returnable


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