Ambidextrous cut-resistant A9, UL-listed stainless steel metal mesh glove. FDA approved for food handling. Sold individually.


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Ambidextrous stainless steel metal mesh glove cut resistant A9. Sold individually.

Superior manufacturer’s code: GU500.

This glove is also approved for food handling by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This glove is UL-listed (Underwriters Laboratories), an independent American consultant and certification firm responsible promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety.

These gloves are available in sizes ranging from small (7) to extra-large (10). Please select the size needed in the field located above.

G100 peculiarities:
This chain mail glove covers the whole hand and each of the fingers in order to provide a maximum safety against cuts and other mechanical risks. It features a patented tapered-fit design which holds the glove in place considering that chain mail tends to move along. This glove is sold per unit since butchers usually have one hand at risk of mechanical hazards. In refrigerated or frozen environments, workers usually wear a liner under to stay warm and a nitrile glove over the chain mail to prevent it from being sullied by any liquids which may be release in the course of its function.

Stainless steel mesh properties:
Stainless steel mesh is almost indestructible, it resists high temperatures as well as lows, it is also chemically stable, resists rusting, is antistatic and easily washable. It is ideal solution for shielding safety clothes such as gloves. Its only shortcoming is that it conduct heat well, which doesn’t come handy in extreme temperature.

Use for:
This glove is recommended for butchers, but as well to any workers in the food industry that work with sharp objects. It can even be used in steel mills.

Do not use for:
This glove offers a limited protection against mechanical risks. Indeed, a glove like this one has been design to limit the damages which may occur while you are working. It is recommended to avoid to wear this glove when using a slicer or any other mechanical machine in which your glove may get stuck in.

Maintenance and service life:
It is recommended to clean this glove with the products you usually use to clean your food processing equipment. You should use hot water at a temperature turning around 122°F/50°C and to rinse it again with hot water before drying. Please take into consideration that any products you use on your glove may end up in the food you are processing.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categoryGloves
Sub sub categoryCut-resistant gloves
Name of the productAnti-cutting glove
Product codeG100
Approved/CertifiedANSI A9 cut
Approved for food useCIFA ( Canada) and FDA (USA)
ManufacturerSuperior gloves
Choice of formatExtra small (5) to extra large (10) sizes available
MaterialSeamless chainmail stainless-steel ring
Length (in/cm)6.5 in / 16.51 cm
Width (in/cm)0.25 in / 0.6 cm
Height (in/cm)0.04 in / 0.10 cm
Weight (lb/kg)0.13 lb / 0.058 Kg
Sold byUnit
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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