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Photo luminescent pictogram sign "running man" without arrow, available in various formats and in several materials: styrene, aluminum or self-adhesive vinyl. This pictogram is universally recognized for emergency exits. It can include an arrow that indicates the direction to evacuate the building in case of an emergency. These signs are multilingual because they contain no text. These signs can be used as a complement to an existing emergency lighting system. It is important to mention that they cannot replace the installation of an output luminary connected to the electrical network (e. g. LUMRMB or LUMRM). They can also be used as a temporary installation during work, under certain conditions. There are two-sided signs (V-shaped), signs perpendicular to the wall (L-shaped); they are of course made of aluminium only. For better visibility, this product is only available with the photo luminescent option. As for the formats, 9" X 6" and 12" X 8" are available, 12" X 8" styrene is the most popular and recommended format, since it is an indoor sign. In addition, the poster on styrene or aluminum can be removed eventually for painting work without having to replace them completely. Since this is an expensive sign, it is better to pay the extra and be able to remove it when painting, among other things. Of course, any other format is possible if a special order is placed.

Building regulations require the installation of lights indicating emergency exits. In recent years the inscriptions and bulbs have evolved from the glass globe with the exit inscription powered by a tungsten bulb to the brand new international symbol "running man" lit by L.E.D. This type of luminary connected to the electrical current is the basic installation and should constitute the minimum essential to comply with the requirements of the regulations. However, for some people, the minimum is not enough, hence the creation of new signs based on the new pictograms. The manufacture of this series of signs in photo luminescent material allows you to further specify the directions to take in the event of a power failure. This pictogram is the one that is installed above the exit door, passing through this door you are outside the building. We also offer other pictograms in the same series that are used to mark out the directions to the exit. Among others we have the running man with the right arrow (EI311PH), the running man with left arrow (EI312PH), the running man with down arrow (EI309PH), the running man with up arrow (EI310PH), even the running man with 90 degrees right arrow (EI313PH) and the running man with 90 degrees left arrow (EI314PH). This allows you to clearly indicate the route to take to get out of buildings that have several corridors and stairs. The material is recharged with ambient light and remains visible for about 5 hours afterwards. Also known as a phosphorescent sign.

Choosing a sign depends on several factors which have to be included in the equation: the ideal material for your workplace, the distance at which the sign will be seen which pins down the size of signs, the way the work environment is shaped which determines the format of signs –let’s say in a hallway, one usually finds an L-shaped sign, but in a wide room or at the junction of a T-shaped corridor, one finds a V-shaped sign since it allows a 180 degree perspective.

PVC signs can either be displayed inside or outside. Please note that if your sign is exposed to UV light, colours will fade faster. UV-protecting lamination will slow down the process of fading but the colours will ultimately disappear. Aluminum signs suit a better purpose outside; of course, they can be displayed indoor, especially in an environment where an adverse impact is likely. Self-adhesive vinyl signs work just fine outside but are better fitted for indoor places.

Please contact our customer service for any custom-made sizes or for English or bilingual signs. Allow at least four (4) weeks of delays for the reception of special orders. If you can’t find the sign you’re looking for, call us and we’ll customize our products accordingly.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryFire protection
Sub categoryFire protection signs
Name of the productEmergency & fire sign
Product codeEI308PH
Country of originCanada
MaterialAvailable: Aluminum, Self-adhesive and Plastic - Photoluminescent
Dimensions of the productThe dimensions of the product depend on the size selected by the customer.
Length (in/cm)Variable according to selection
Width (in/cm)Variable according to selection
Height (in/cm)Variable according to selection
Weight (lb/kg)Variable according to selection
AvailabilityPlease note: Some of our signs are made to order and have lead times of 10 to 15 business days
Made in CanadaYes
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page

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