Agotex PLus, sold by square foot, resist to high temperatures and molten metal splash


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Return conditions : No returnable

Minimum order of 75$ per type of material.

When placing an order, please indicate:
1. The curtain's final dimensions (width and height)
2. The placement of the grommets:
   - On top of the curtain only
   - All around the curtain perimeter

Agotex is a flexible cloth of woven from a highly textured form of fibreglass then treated with a patented vermiculite coating which enhances it's resistance to high temperatures and molten metal splash.

The vermiculite coating makes this fabric suitable for molten metal splash protection as it is able to dissipate heat radically across the fabric so as not to allow it to concentrate in one spot.

Agotex Plus has very good insulating properties and is an excellent choice for welding and splash blankets. Service to 1500 F and higher intermittent temperatures.

Blankets fabricated to any size with stitched seams and hems on all four sides, using high temperature aramid thread. Optional brass grommets can be installed on custom blankets if required.

Blankets can be ordered to any size. Specify height X width.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryIndustrial accessoiries
Sub categoryIndustrial curtains
Sub sub categoryMaterials for industrial curtains
Name of the productSafety blankets
Product codeAGFC030
ManufacturerAGO Industries Inc
Country of originCanada
Choice of formatAvailable in 3 different densities 31 Oz, 41 Oz and 61 Oz.
Recommended use temperature1500º F / 815.55°C and higher intermittent temperatures
FeaturesAvailable with grommet on top or all around
ResistanceResist to high temperatures and molten metal splash
Material1Fibreglass treated with a vermiculite coating
Material2Brass grommets
Dimensions of the productThe dimensions of the product depend on the size selected by the customer.
Sold byPer square foot
Return conditionsNo returnable

California FR registration (EN)

California State Fire Marshall registered flame-resistant (FR) product. English only.

Download (68k)

AWS welding screen specs (EN)

Welding screen specifications established by the American Weld Association (AWS). English only.

Download (60.63k)


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