Acrylic round convex mirror with adjustable arm, 100-degree field of view.


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Round convex mirror with adjustable arm, for 100-degree field of view.

Due to the mirror’s large surface area, it is recommended to install it indoors or in a well-sheltered place. There is no warranty applicable in case of weather damage, vandalism, or any other type of damage due to outdoor installation.

This convex mirror helps improve safety by eliminating blind spots in garages, parking lots, warehouses, etc. Use this mirror in a room, a hallway, a driveway, an entryway or an aisle to prevent accidents, theft, etc.

This convex mirror is made of lightweight, flexible and durable acrylic. The back of the mirror is protected with a beige plastic frame. The mirror may be installed on a ceiling, a wall, a column, a fence, a post, etc. Once installed, the mirror can be easily tilted at the optimal viewing angle.

The mirror includes a plastic ball joint, a metal L-bracket and a metal adjustable arm. The arm is pre-drilled every 1 ½” (4 cm) for length adjustment. Metal parts are painted black.
(The 12-inch mirror does not include the adjustable arm, only the L-bracket.)

SIZING INFORMATION: The nominal sizes represent the diameter of the convex mirror.

Maintenance: This first surface mirror has an exposed reflective coating that is not protected by glass. To protect this coating, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the mirror with furniture polish.
Do not use glass cleaning products. They could damage the reflective coating.

Pictures for reference only. The product may be slightly different from the model shown.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryIndustrial accessoiries
Sub categoryMirrors
Name of the productConvex mirror
Product codeM64
FeaturesFor 100 degree view
Additional FeaturesThis mirror helps eliminate blind spots for better safety
Dimensions of the productThe dimensions of the product depend on the size selected by the customer.
Length (in/cm)Variable according to selection
Width (in/cm)Variable according to selection
Height (in/cm)Variable according to selection
Weight (lb/kg)Variable according to selection
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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