Black stabilizer for pole, delineator post, variety of weights, made of durable, strong and odorless polyethylene (PE)


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Black stabilizer for posts, delineators  sold individually. Made of durable, odorless polyethylene (PE). This stabilizer (hexagonal or square base) is designed to fit over the post, delineator to keep it upright. All models feature a handle for easy gripping.

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Manufacturer's code : Surewerx V6220270-O/S

Special features:
This model is compatible with post models EPAL191 and EPAL192. The choice of hexagonal or square shape depends on the user's needs.

The square model is simple, as it has no handle. It is suitable for situations where the posts are not constantly being moved. It is often used in buildings.

Hexagonal models have 6 sides and handles for easy installation and transport. These bases are available in a variety of weights. The final choice must take into account the environmental conditions present on the site. Therefore, bases with higher weights are recommended for locations experiencing gusty winds.

Construction and related fields.

Maintenance and service life:
They can be cleaned with soap and water as required. Usually, though, nobody cares

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Type of productSafety equipment
Main categorySign and lock
Sub categoryCones and barricade tapes
Name of the productBlack stabilizer for posts delineators
Product codeEPAL
Country of originChina
FeaturesCompatible with pole models EPAL191 and EPAL192
Additional FeaturesAll models feature a handle for easy grip
Length (in/cm)16 in / 40.6 cm
Width (in/cm)16 in / 40.6 cm
Height (in/cm)Variable according to selection
Weight (lb/kg)Variable according to selection
Sold byUnit
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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