Yellow plastic fly-away sprayhead caps for Bradley Halo eye wash stations.


Return conditions : No returnable

Fly-away sprayhead caps for Bradley Halo eye wash stations.

These molded caps, made of highly-visible yellow plastic, protect the sprayheads of the face wash station from the accumulation of dust and debris. When the wash station is activated, the pressure of the water jets automatically pushes the caps aside.

Pivot pins included, to attach the caps to the sprayheads.

Instructions booklet (English only) available as a PDF version, attached below.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryFirst aid and emergency showers
Sub categoryEmergency showers
Sub sub categoryAccessories & spare parts for emergency showers
Product codePD452675
Length (in/cm)6 in / 15.24 cm
Width (in/cm)6 in / 15.24 cm
Height (in/cm)6 in / 15.2 cm
Weight (lb/kg)2 lb / 0.9 Kg
Return conditionsNo returnable


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