3M complete Versaflo powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) kit for pharmaceutical and health facilities. Hood facepiece.


3M complete Versaflo kit for respiratory protection by powered air purifying respirator (PAPR). This piece of equipment gets its NIOSH homologation when assembled with the other components recognised by the manufacturer as part of a complete system. It is recommended for workers in need of respiratory protection in health, food and pharmaceutical sectors. Compatible with 3M RVTR3712N filters. One kit per case.

3M Versaflo is a new generation powered air purifying respirator which offers a perfect balance between protection and comfort. It combines components which protect not only one’s respiratory tract but also one’s eyes and face. The kit includes among others, a high nominal capacity battery which provides 8 to 12 hours of run time and many accessories.

Included in the kit: 
- 1 Powered air purifying respirator unit RVTR302N
- 1 Filter cover RVTR371
- 1 Airflow indicator RVTR970
- 1 Easy-clean polyurethane belt RVTR327
- 1 High capacity lithium ion battery; Run time of 8 to 12h RVTR332
- 1 Single station battery charger kit RVTR341N
- 1 High efficiency (HE) filter RVTR3712N
- 1 Prefilter RVTR3600
- 1 Respiratory hood RS433
- 1 Peel-off visor cover RM928
- 1 Heavy duty neoprene breathing tube; Length: 525 to 850 mm RBT30

3M manufacturer’s code: TR-300-ECK

3M Versaflo powered air purifying respirator unit features RVTR302N
PAPRs, powered air purifying respirator are systems made to blow filtered air into the respiratory equipment, which provides air automatically rather than mechanically such as regular respirators. 3M Versaflo differs from other PAPRs by its lightness, its ergonomy and its versatility which allows everyone, even bearded men to be protected when well installed. This type of equipment offers a protection up to 25 times the permissible exposure limit set by the CNESST or any other government regulation applicable. PAPRs minimize the effort put into breathing and can reduce build up heat inside the facepiece. It features a smart engine which adapts accordingly to the HEPA filter in use. It is also equipped with an alarm system - one audible and one LED – which alert the user to either a low battery or low airflow. This PAPR contains no natural rubber latex.

Facepiece features:
The RS655 facepiece consist of a premium hood that covers the head and neck. This kit is by design made to protect one from hostile environment filed with airborne contaminants. The hood is equipped with an elastic band which moulds itself to the shape of the user’s head. The head harness features 3 air outlets of which one is adjustable to improve the air distribution. The head harness improves also the comfort of the headgear. The facepiece consist of a woven and non-woven polypropylene layered membrane and a visor of laird plastic (PETG), a soft material providing a relatively good impact resistance. This type of facepiece has been mainly design for workers in health, food and pharmaceutical sectors. Please note that the RS605 textile part of the hood is disposable to avoid any contamination, but the head harness is reusable.

Use for: 
This type of respiratory protection system is recommended for work that will loosen solid particles in the air such as work in health facilities, food factories and pharmaceutical laboratories. It’s recommended for polishing, surfacing and smelting. The HEPA filters which comes with the kit protect one from most airborne particles with an 99,97% efficiency. The facepiece is disposable which is safer for users being exposed to substances that may stay on the textile surface, thus contaminating users if they had to wash the facepiece.

Biological particles:
These filters help prevent the inhalation of certain airborne biological particles like mold, Bacillus anthracis (Anthrax), Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Tubercle bacillus Koch) the main causative agent of tuberculosis, pandemic flues (H5N1, H1N1), etc. However, it cannot eliminate the risk of contracting infection, illness or disease. Due to the nature of some contaminants, the exposure limit value of some products and byproducts haven’t been quantified by governmental agencies, thus wearing a respirator doesn’t necessarily protects you.

Do not use for:
This respirator does not offer a protection against vapours and gases. It can neither ensure the user intrinsic safety in an environment representing an explosion risk. It is strongly discouraged to wear any kind of respirator for application with sandblasting. It is also highly advised to stay away from environment that exceed 25 times the permissible exposure limit set by the CNESST or any other government regulation applicable.One should never use a respirator in an oxygen deprived environment (an atmosphere with less than 19,5 % oxygen).

Maintenance and service life:
For a safer performance, manufacturer’s recommendation must be followed. 3M recommends an inspection of the respiratory equipment before each use; to wash the respirator after each use; and to store the respirator back to its packaging.

One should never wash its respirator with any type of solvents since they can weaken some components which can affect the efficiency of the equipment. The engine, the battery and the HEPA filter must never be immersed in water.


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3M complete Versaflo powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) kit for pharmaceutical and health facilities. Hood facepiece.

3M complete Versaflo powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) kit for pharmaceutical and health facilities. Hood facepiece.


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