Full facepiece respirator mask 6900DIN from 3M size large


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3M 6000(DIN) series full facepieces are NIOSH approved. This full facepiece model ensures compliance with regulations and compatibility with air supplied systems and powered air purifying respirators for respiratory protection by 3M. This code corresponds to the large size.

3M manufacturer’s code: 6900DIN

3M 6000(DIN) full facepiece are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) except the faceseal which is made of silicone.  The head harness is equipped with four adjustable head straps. None of the components contain natural rubber latex. Full facepiece respirators are particularly useful when one must protect himself from contaminants that may cause skin and eye irritation. The lens made of polycarbonate which is approved for impacts on this full facepiece may be use as safety eyewear. It is recommended to use the R6885 peel-off lens cover to protect facepiece lens from abrasion.

Use for:
This respirator is part of 3M powered air purifying systems such as the GVP, Breathe Easy and Powerflow, and air supplied systems for respiratory protection. Such a full facepiece offers a polycarbonate lens representing a clear advantage as of protecting the eyes and face. Powerflow systems, for their facial protection quality, have shown themselves convenient when it comes to decontamination and abatement work.

Do not use for:
It is strongly discouraged to wear a respirator for application with sandblasting.It is also highly advised to stay away from environment that exceed 1000 times the permissible exposure limit set by the CNESST or any other government regulation applicable.One should never use a respirator in an oxygen deprived environment (an atmosphere with less than 19,5 % oxygen) unless one is equipped with an air supplied system.

Maintenance and service life:
One should respect established manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the safe and optimal performance of the equipment. 3M recommends an inspection of the respiratory equipment before each use; to wash the respirator after each use; and to store the respirator back to its packaging.

When cleaning, one should never use any type of solvents nor alcohol since they can weaken some components which, in turns, can affect the efficiency of the equipment. It is recommended to clean the full facepiece up with soapy water, then rinse and then soak it in a solution of water and bleach (1mL bleach/1L water) for two minutes. Once dry, the equipment should be packed away from the sun’s rays and extreme temperatures.  The filter should also be kept in a different packaging to avoid any possible contamination.

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Type of product Safety equipment
Main category Personal protection
Sub category Respiratory protection
Sub sub category 3M respirators and cartridges
Name of the product Full face respirator
Series of products 6000 series respirator
Product code R6900DIN
Approved/Certified Meets NIOSH
Manufacturer 3M
Choice of format Small, medium , large
Reusable Reusable with prior hygienic measurement
Type of connection Bayonet type connector or DIN
Respirator size Large size
Includes natural rubber latex components Does not contain latex
Compatibility with the mask screen used for welding Not compatible with the mask screen used for welding
Inhalation valve Contains two inhalation valves
Exhalation valve Contains a Cool flow valve (Tm) 3M (Tm)
Protection factor FPC=10 with qualitative adjustment tests, FPC=50 with quantitative adjustment tests
Faceseal membrane With silicone face seal
Cartridge or Filter Included Filter element not Include
Type of harness 4 attachment points
Phonic membrane Without phonic membrane
Material1 Thermoplastic (TPE)
Material2 Silicone
Material3 Polycarbonate
Washable Wash in warm water, 140°F/60°C with a mild soap (hand dish soap), rinse and disinfect with a Dakin solution (water with bleach), rinse thoroughly and let dry
Height (in/cm) 6 in / 15.2 cm
Length (in/cm) 10.25 in / 26.03 cm
Width (in/cm) 8 in / 20.3 cm
Weight (lb/kg) 1.5 lbs / 0.7 Kg
Color Gray
Sold by Unit
Another packaging available1 4 units per case
Return conditions No returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page.

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Full facepiece respirator mask 6900DIN from 3M size large

Full facepiece respirator mask 6900DIN from 3M size large


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