3M 7800 series NIOSH approved full facepiece Lightweight and comfortable Filter and cartridge not included


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3M 7800 series NIOSH 42 CFR 84 approved full facepiece respirator for respiratory protection. Compatible with 3M filters series 2000, 2200, 5000 and 7000; 3M cartridges series 6000; and P100 cartridge/filters. Filters and cartridges sold separately. Sold individually. 4 unit/case.

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3M manufacturer’s code: 7800S

This full facepiece is completely made of silicone and features a double-flange faceseal. The head harness is equipped with six ajustable head straps. This full facepiece has been design to facilitate work, that is, it is lightweight and comfortable. None of the components contain natural rubber latex. This full facepiece has a large face shield which allows an enhanced visibility. Fullface respirators are particularly usefull when one must protect himself from vapours that may cause skin and eye irritation. The lens made of polycarbonate which meets CSA  for impacts on this full facepiece may be use as safety eyewear.

Use for:
This type of respiratory protection is recommended for work that will loosen solid or liquid particles in the air and/or for work in an environment where air contains contaminants and/or biological particles. One must of course adapt its filtering system with the right filtres or cartridges to be properly protected.

Do not use for:
Do not use on a beard and other facial hair or if the user suffers from a condition that prevents him from having direct contact with the respirator’s sides. The use of respirators is not recommended for people with compromised respiratory system or problem such as asthma or emphysema.

It is strongly discouraged to wear a respirator for application with sandblasting. It is also highly advised to stay away from environment that exceed 10 times the permissible exposure limit set by the CNESST or any other government regulation applicable.

To get a protection from concentrations up to 50 times the exposure limit, it is crucial that one succeeds a quantitative fit test given by the manufacturer.

One should never use a respirator in an oxygen deprevated environment (an atmosphere with less than 19,5 % oxygen).

Maintenance and service life:
3M full facepiece respirators 7800 series are reusable, provided that its maintenance and storage is done according to the manufacturer’s rules. 3M recommends an inspection of the respiratory equipment before each use; to wash the respirator after each use; and to store the respirator back to its packaging. One should never wash its respirator with any type of solvents since they can weaken some components which can affect the efficiency of the equipment. One must always remove the cartridges or filters from the respirator before storing it.

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Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categoryRespiratory protection
Sub sub category3M respirators and cartridges
Name of the productFull face respirator
Series of products7800 series respirator
Product codeR7800
Approved/CertifiedMeets NIOSH
Country of originJapan
Choice of formatSmall, medium , large
ReusableReusable with prior hygienic measurement
Type of connectionBayonet type connector or DIN
Protection factorFPC=10 with qualitative adjustment tests, FPC=50 with quantitative adjustment tests
Cartridge or Filter IncludedFilter element not Include
Includes natural rubber latex componentsDoes not contain latex
Exhalation valveContains an exhalation valve
Compatibility with the mask screen used for weldingCompatible with the mask screen used for welding
Sliding strapsSliding straps
Inhalation valveContains two inhalation valves
Eye protectionHigh impact polycarbonate (meets ANSI Z87.1)
Phonic membraneWith phonic membrane
Type of harness6 attachement points
WashableWash in warm water, 140°F/60°C with a mild soap (hand dish soap), rinse and disinfect with a Dakin solution (water with bleach), rinse thoroughly and let dry
Length (in/cm)11 in / 27.94 cm
Width (in/cm)8 in / 20.3 cm
Height (in/cm)7 in / 17.78 cm
Weight (lb/kg)1.5 lb / 0.7 Kg
Sold byUnit
Another packaging available140 units per pallet
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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