E4 automatic rope grab with panic lock, 2 ft lanyard, for 99 to 253 lb workers


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Peakworks automatic panic lock rope grab on a 2 ft. (0.6 m) long lanyard equipped with a shock absorber and a standard carabiner with a ¾ in (19 mm) throat opening. This device gives workers maximum freedom and hands-free operation. The cam locking system compressing the rope or cable is ideal for work positioning or restraint. This accessory must be used on a 5/8 in (16 mm) diameter cable or rope approved for fall protection. This particular model features a cam lever that sprung to allow the cam to engage the lifeline even if the user grabs the cam lever (forcing it to normally open) in the event of a fall.  This eliminates the so-called "death grip fall" associated with regular rope grabs.  It can be adjusted up or down the lifeline with little effort. Should a fall occur, the rope grab would lock onto the lifeline thus arresting the fall, and suspending the user.

Peakworks product code: V8103162 or model SA-3206-2. Complies with CSA Z259.11-05 and CSA Z259.2.5-17.

This E4 lanyard can support a weight of 99 lb to 253 lb (44.91 kg to 114.76 kg), including clothing, tools and equipment.

The energy absorber is designed to reduce the impact of a fall below a force of 900 pounds (4 kN). During a fall, the energy absorber deploys over a distance of 6 pi. (1.8 m) to reduce the fall arrest force upon the worker. Once deployed, lanyards and harnesses must be replaced. Think of it as a narrow escape.

According to Peakworks, this rope grab can withstand a tensile strength of 5000 lb (22 KN). Meets ANSI Z359.1-2007 standards.

The FPACC is can be used by one worker at a time and can support a weight of 253 lb (115 kg). The user must always direct the rope grab so that lever points to the sky.

Regarding the anchor point.

The anchor point should be located above the dorsal anchorage ring and should be held in a vertical position with respect to the worker. One should also be aware of the potential risk of falling. Is there a sufficient and obstacle free distance below the worker? Are there emergency measures to get him down on the ground quickly? Can the anchor point withstand a force of 5000 lb? For more information, consult the manufacturer's manual.


The worker is responsible for visually inspecting his equipment before each use. During this routine inspection, the worker must note any signs of degradation, malfunction, or breakage. The equipment or parts of it will have to be replaced if any such signs are detected.

On top of this routine inspection, the rope grab must be inspected by a qualified person different than the worker. The frequency of these inspections varies according to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers require an inspection every 90 days, others every 180 days, or even yearly. These inspections should be performed more often if the lanyard is worn in extreme environmental working conditions.

Sylprotec offers a fall protection equipment inspection service. Find out more by clicking on the Services tab, under the Sylprotec logo at the top of the page.

Any equipment that has withstood a fall or an impact must be scrapped.


For cleaning, use a gentle soap or detergent and lukewarm water (37°C). Do not use bleach, chlorine, or other abrasive or chemical products. If your harness is too dirty or contaminated, it is time to replace it. Air dry without using heat in a clean environment. You can accelerate the drying process by wiping the wet lanyard with a clean absorbent wipe, or by using a fan. Avoid exposure to sunlight and to any sources of contamination.


To complete your fall protection you will find a range of harness and anchors. Some products are suggested under the "accessories" tab at the bottom of this page.

Other equipment frequently used with this safety harness:

Safety glasses YA12E93101DX
Liberty TA14LR safety helmet and the essential TA14CS chin strap
EPTCONE28 Traffic Cones
Peakworks FPBAG storage bag
The FPL9903 Tool Strap

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Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categoryFall protection
Sub sub categoryLanyards
Name of the productSlider
Product codeFPACC
Approved/CertifiedComplies with CSA Z259.11-05 and CSA Z259.2.5-17
Country of originChina
FormatLength of 2 ft / 0.6 m
ReusableReusable with careful inspection and proper installation
FeaturesThe energy absorber is designed to reduce the impact force of the fall below 900 lb (4 kN)
Additional FeaturesThe worker must use a 5/8" (16 mm) diameter rope approved for fall arrest
Characteristic adding safetyThe carabiners are capable of withstanding a force of 3600 lb (16 kN) without deforming
Characteristics of metal partsNon-painted metal parts
IncludesWith an energy absorber Shock Pack
Includes 2Equipped with a 2' (0.6 m) lanyard, energy absorber and standard carabiner with a ¾" (19 mm) opening
Property of the materialPolyester straps offer better resistance to acidic chemicals
Worker’s weight99 to 253 lb/ 44.91 to 114.76 Kg
ClassificationType E4
WashableWash in warm water, 98.60°F/ 37°C. Never use bleach or other abrasive or chemical products on your lanyard. Air dry
Length (in/cm)6 in / 15.24 cm
Width (in/cm)5 in / 12.7 cm
Height (in/cm)4 in / 10.1 cm
Weight (lb/kg)3 lb / 1.4 Kg
Sold byUnit
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page
CautionMaximum supported worker weight of 99 lb to 253 lb / 44.91 kg to 114.76 kg, including clothing, tools and equipment


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