French OSHA “Danger Poison” sign in various sizes, materials, languages & optional features

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Bilingual “Danger Poison” sign of various sizes and different materials: Plastic, aluminium or self-adhesive vinyl. You can select an optional UV-protecting lamination to preserve the colours longer; for superior visibility, you have an alternative between a retro-reflective pigmentation and a photoluminescent coverage. Sizewise, 5”x 7” and 7”x 10” are the most common sizes sold, but any other format can be cut as long as a special order has been placed. Contact Sylprotec for signs in another language, for custom-made signs or if you want one of the options listed above.

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association), established by the US Congress in 1970, is the government agency in charge of the enforcement of health and work safety regulations in the United States. Even though here in Canada, we already have a governmental body taking care of all OHS issues, yet sometimes companies and employers prefer to use OSHA standards which are also in use in Canada. Similar to the CSA, the OSHA also has a whole section of policies regarding toxic and hazardous substances: OSHA 1910.1000 to OSHA 1910.1450. According to these standards—subpart Z—all employers are required to inform all their audiences who regularly visit their establishment of the presence of any hazardous materials posing a threat to their health and safety. Be it a sign about which behaviours to adopt, what material is around or nearby, it is essential to guide people around your work area. Lifting the veil on what makes a poison would be like looking for a needle in a haystack: anything can be poisonous since only the dosage kills. There are three categories of poison: chemical (arsenic, cyanide, phenol), biological (curare, safrole, muscarine) and physical (alpha, beta, and gamma radiation). They are found in solid, liquid or gaseous state and are divided into six classes:

  • neurotoxic poison like nerve agents (sarin gas, mustard gas);
  • necrotizing/hemolytic poison like some spider’s venom (brown recluse bite);
  • inhibiting poison by synthesis like cyanide which starves the cells of energy;
  • inhibiting poison by preventing muscle contraction as does potassium chloride in the execution of US prisoners;
  • chronic poison such as by heavy metals (mercury, lead);
  • mutagenic poison like the infamous cancer-causing asbestos.


If you’re wondering what poisons feel like, just ask the most famous poison victim of all time: Socrates who was put to death by ingesting hemlock. Death, here’s why it is so important to signal them. Although not mandatory, displaying safety signs is quite recommended to indicate any regulation since it ultimately allows to avoid many woes and sorrows. OSHA signs are well outlined and deliver the message you wish to spread swiftly, regardless of your workers' language abilities.

OSHA signs cover a wide range of circumstances due to their many headers, pictograms, and captions that allow a plethora of combinations regardless of the areas of activity. Signs in compliance with the applicable OSHA standards and featuring the “Danger” header convey an informative message about dangerous situations in the work environment. The “Danger Poison” sign features a black and red rectangle at the top and indicates dangers that will result in severe or fatal injury. 

Choosing a sign depends on several factors which have to be included in the equation: the ideal material for your workplace, the distance at which the sign will be seen which pins down the size of signs, the way the work environment is shaped which determines the format of signs, etc.

Plastic signs can either be displayed inside or outside. Please note that if your sign is exposed to UV-light, colours will fade faster. UV-protecting lamination will slow down the process of fading but the colours will ultimately disappear. Aluminium signs suit a better purpose outside; of course, they can be displayed indoor, especially in an environment where an adverse impact is likely. Self-adhesive vinyl signs work just fine outside but are better fitted for indoor places.

Please contact our customer service for any custom-made sizes or for English or bilingual signs. Allow at least four (4) weeks of delays for the reception of special orders. If you can’t find the sign you’re looking for, call us and we’ll customize our products accordingly.

Type of product Safety equipment
Main category Sign and lock
Sub category OSHA conform signs
Sub sub category OSHA conforms danger signs
Name of the product Signs format and material according to selection
Product code EOD118
Country of origin Canada
Choice of format Flat according to selection
Material Vinyl 4 mil, or plastic 60 mil or aluminum 40 mil, depending on selection
Height (in/cm) Variable according to selection
Length (in/cm) Variable according to selection
Width (in/cm) Variable according to selection
Weight (lb/kg) Variable according to selection
Availability Please note: Some of our signs are made to order and have lead times of 10 to 15 business days
Color Red/Black/White
Sold by Unit
Made in Canada Yes
Dimensions of the product The dimensions of the product depend on the size selected by the customer.
Return conditions No returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page.


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French OSHA “Danger Poison” sign in various sizes, materials, languages & optional features

French OSHA “Danger Poison” sign in various sizes, materials, languages & optional features


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