Koala Behr class A harness universal size with Pass-Thru buckles


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Dentec brand economic safety harness, class A, with a dorsal D ring. This harness is made with 3 adjustment points; 2 on the legs and 1 on the chest. In addition, it is designed with a sub-pelvic support strap. The chest and thigh straps are joined by Pass-Thru buckles. This harness is offered in a universal size, it fits medium to extra-large. The Dentec safety harness is made with blue polyester webbing.

Dentec product code: 16H3310FI or model H33101FI
Complies with CSA Z259.10 and AINSI Z359.11-2014

The maximum worker weight that this harness can support is 310 lb (141 kg), including clothing, tools, etc. Plastic tips at the end of each strap prevent fraying and help adjust the harness easily even when wearing work gloves. It has two rigid plastic retaining loops that allow the user to hang the lanyard when not in use and helps prevent tripping hazards. Polyester straps offer better resistance to acidic chemicals.

Product identification and certification labels are sewn onto the back straps on the right side of the safety harness. It includes a drop indicator for easy inspection. The label cover has a hook and loop closure that protects the inspection labels from elements such as the sun, dirt, rain, snow, oils, etc.

This basic harness is suitable for occasional construction or maintenance work. The economy of this harness is reflected in the appearance of its metal components.


The product identification and certification labels are sewn onto the strap on the back left side of the safety harness. The worker is responsible for visually inspecting the harness before each use. During this routine inspection, the worker must note any signs of degradation, malfunction, or breakage. The harness will have to be replaced if any such signs are detected.

On top of this routine inspection, the harness must be inspected by a qualified person different than the worker that wears the harness. The frequency of these inspections varies according to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers require an inspection every 90 days, others every 180 days, or even yearly. These inspections should be performed more often if the harness is worn in extreme environmental working conditions.

The recommended lifetime of a safety harness if 5 years. While some manufacturers keep silent on this topic, in practice, if the harness is used regularly and stored and maintained in standard conditions, its lifetime will not exceed 5 years in most cases. Sylprotec offers a safety harness inspection service. Find out more by clicking on the Services tab, under the Sylprotec logo at the top of the page. Any equipment that has withstood a fall or an impact must be scrapped.


For cleaning, use a gentle soap or detergent and lukewarm water (37°C). Do not use bleach, chlorine, or other abrasive or chemical products. If your harness is too dirty or contaminated, it is time to replace it. Air dry without using heat, in a clean environment. You can accelerate the drying process by wiping the wet harness with a clean absorbent wipe, or by using a fan. Avoid exposing the harness to sunlight and to any sources of contamination.


To complete your fall protection you will find a range of lanyards, retractable and anchors. Some products are suggested under the "accessories" tab at the bottom of this page.

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Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categoryFall protection
Sub sub categoryFall protection safety harness
Name of the productSafety harness
Product codeFPH33101A
Approved/CertifiedComplies with CSA Z259.10-06 and ANSI Z359.11
ManufacturerDentec Safety Specialists
Country of originUnited State of America
Choice of formatUniversal sizes (medium to extra-large)
ReusableReusable with careful inspection and proper installation
FeaturesThe chest and leg straps are joined by interlocking buckles
Additional FeaturesThis harness has 3 adjustment points; 2 on the legs and 1 on the chest
Characteristic adding safetyThis harness is equipped with a sub-pelvic strap
Comfort featuresDesigned with a sub-pelvic support strap
Characteristics of metal partsNon-painted metal parts
IncludesWith a steel back ring.
Includes 3The ends of the straps have plastic tips to prevent fraying and allow the user to adjust the harness easily even when wearing work gloves
Property of the materialPolyester straps offer better resistance to acidic chemicals
ClassificationClass A
WashableWash in warm water, 98.60°F/ 37°C. Never use bleach or other abrasive or chemical products on your harness. Air dry
Length (in/cm)13 in / 33 cm
Width (in/cm)8 in / 20.3 cm
Height (in/cm)2 in / 5.08 cm
Weight (lb/kg)2 lb / 0.9 Kg
Sold byUnit
Another packaging availableBy the box of 12 units
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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