Coloured plastic tamper seals for fire extinguishers, package of 500

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Coloured plastic beaded tamper seals, for fire extinguishers. Sold by the package of 500 seals.

This model of seal is available in 6 colours; yellow, red, blue, orange, green or black. Please select your color in the box above.

length 9” x thread diameter 3/32”
(length 23 cm x thread diameter 2.4 mm)

Material: Blue plastic.

Why use tamper seals?

Plastic tamper seals are often used to secure the pull pins on portable fire extinguishers, which prevents accidental activation of the extinguishers.

Tamper seals may also be used on other types of equipment: first aid kits, toolboxes or any other equipment that must be regularly inspected. Tamper seals help save time during routine checks: if the tamper seal is still present, then the equipment has obviously not been used.

How to install a tamper seal?

Slide the beaded thread through the pull pin. Loop the thread around the extinguisher’s top handle. Insert the end of the beaded thread through its base. Tighten until the loop is snug against the handle.

A tamper seal is single use only. Once installed, it cannot be reused. The seal is easy to break if needed: simply turn the pull pin in place until the seal breaks. The tamper seal is extremely difficult to break by pulling it straight.

What to do if the tamper seal is missing?

If during the inspection you notice that the seal of the extinguisher is missing, ask yourself the following question: Has the extinguisher been used? If that is the case, we recommend contacting our customer service and scheduling a visit by one of our technicians. Our price list is available under the Services tab. We serve the Greater Montreal area. 

Remember that chemical powder fire extinguishers become depressurized following activation. The compressed propellant gas escapes and renders the extinguisher non-functional even if some powder still remains inside. This is why it is important to ensure the extinguisher is in proper working condition before reinstalling it. You can use a replacement seal to secure your fire extinguisher. If you have the required experience to determine that the extinguisher has not been used at all, you can leave the extinguisher in place. Otherwise, send the extinguisher to be inspected by an expert.

Type of productFire protection equipment
Main categoryFire protection
Sub categoryPortable fire extinguishers
Name of the productAccessory for portable fire extinguishers.
Product codeIPTS
Approved/CertifiedUL approved
ManufacturerAvery Dennison
Country of originCanada
Length (in/cm)10.75 in / 27.30 cm
Width (in/cm)10.50 in / 26.67 cm
Height (in/cm)4.25 in / 10.8 cm
Weight (lb/kg)1.7 lb / 0.77 Kg
Sold byPackage of 500 seals
ColorAvailable: Blue, yellow, black, orange, red and green
Made in CanadaYes
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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