High-visibility 6 in 1 winter coat fluorescent orange with retroreflective stripes Class 2 Level 2


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Waterproof high-visibility 6-in-1 winter coat, fluorescent orange with retroreflective silver stripes.
Made by TERRA, model 11-6562OR.

This winter coat has a removable and reversible liner jacket with removable sleeves. The coat can be worn six ways:
1. Hi-vis winter coat: outer shell with liner;
2. Hi-vis raincoat: outer shell alone;
3. Hi-vis lightweight jacket: full liner jacket;
4. Black lightweight jacket: full liner jacket, reversed;
5. Hi-vis vest: liner jacket without sleeves;
6. Black vest: liner jacket without sleeves, reversed.

Great for workers near moving vehicles, such as drivers and workers in construction, petrochemical industry, mining, and fisheries. See our full line of safety workwear and safety accessories.

Need pants as well? See item VV55P under “Accessories” at the bottom of the page. You’d rather have hi-viz yellow coat? No problem! See the product VV55J.

This winter coat has 2" (5 cm) retroreflective silver-gray stripes with 1" (2.5 cm) fluorescent yellow trim. The coat and the liner jacket have two vertical stripes at the front, two X-shaped stripes at the back, a horizontal stripe around the waist and horizontal stripes around each arm at elbow level.


  • Outer shell and full liner jacket: Meets the Canadian standard CSA/ACNOR Z96-15 High-visibility Safety Apparel, Class 2 Level 2. Good body coverage, suitable for medium-risk jobs.
  • Liner jacket without sleeves (vest): Meets the Canadian standard CSA/ACNOR Z96-15 Class 2. Suitable for low-risk to medium-risk jobs.
  • If the outer shell or the full liner jacket are worn with CSA-compliant hi-vis pants with reflective stripes: Complete outfit is compliant with Canadian standard CSA/ACNOR Z96-15 Class 3. Full coverage of body and limbs, suitable for high-risk jobs.
    Hi-viz pants are not included with this coat. See VV55P hi-vis pants.
  • This coat is not flame-resistant. For flame-resistant high-visibility clothing, see V1765 coveralls.

The waterproof and windproof outer shell is double-layered. The outer layer is made of 100% 300-denier fluorescent orange polyester coated with polyurethane on the inner side. The inner layer is made of fluorescent orange polyester mesh, for better comfort and air circulation. All seams are sealed and waterproofed.

The liner jacket is also double-layered. Like the outer shell, the liner jacket is made of 100% 300-denier fluorescent orange polyester coated with polyurethane on the inner side. The inner layer is made of 100% black polyester with PVC coating. The liner jacket has a polyester filling.

Outer shell features:
The outer shell closes with a double-slider zipper, protected by a storm flap with metal snap buttons. An elastic knit trim along the bottom and around the sleeves helps keep the outer shell in place and seals against wind.

The outer shell has two outer slit pockets, two large inner pockets, and two small inner pockets for instruments, phones, etc. The outer pockets do not close. The inner pockets close with hook and loop fasteners (velcro).

The outer shell also features a hood with drawstring. The hood rolls into the collar when not in use.

Removable liner jacket features:
The removable and reversible liner jacket closes with a reversible zipper, without a storm flap. The collar of the liner jacket is made of elastic knit trim for better comfort.

The liner jacket has two outer slit pockets, two outer flap pockets and two inner pockets.

The liner jacket sleeves have elastics at the wrists. The sleeves are attached with zippers and are removable, so the liner jacket can be converted into a vest.

About high-visibility colors:
Fluorescent orange (neon orange) is highly visible during daylight and in conditions with abundant artificial light. In most situations, it offers high contrast with the background. However, fluorescent orange is less visible at night and in low light conditions, for instance at dawn or dusk.

Gray (silver) retroreflective stripes are highly visible in low natural or artificial light conditions, because they reflect light back towards the source of the beam (flashlight, vehicle headlights, etc.). They are most efficient at night and at dawn and dusk. However, they do not improve visibility in daylight.

Care instructions:
Machine wash on delicate with cold or lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Do not use whiteners, bleach, or fabric softener. Air dry. Do not expose to sunlight. Do not machine dry. Do not iron. Do not dry-clean.

For more information on high-visibility safety clothing, consult the High-Visibility Safety Apparel Fact Sheet published by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categorySafety clothing
Sub sub categoryTraffic safety clothing
Name of the productHigh visibility winter coat
Product codeVV55
Approved/CertifiedCSA/ACNOR Z96-15 clase 2 level 2
Country of originUnknown origin
Fineness of the knitting300 deniers
Flame ResistanceNo Flame resistant
Choice of formatSize small (S) to 3 extra-large (3XL) available
ReusableReusable with prior hygienic measurement
FeaturesWith alternating silver retroreflective and fluorescent yellow stripes. 2 vertical stripes on the front, 2 crossed X stripes on the back, 1 horizontal stripe on the waist and 1 stripe around each arm
Additional FeaturesEquipped with 2 slanted outside pockets, 2 large inside pockets and 2 small inside pockets for instruments. The outside pockets do not close. The inside pockets close with hook and loop fasteners (Velcro)
Comfort featuresThe sleeves of the liner have elastic at the cuffs. The sleeves are removable with zippers, so the liner can be worn as a jacket
Precision on the color of the material and their visibilitiesFluorescent orange is very visible during the day and in conditions with a lot of artificial light. In most situations, it also provides high contrast with the background
IncludesCloses with a double plastic zipper, protected by a metal snap flap
Includes 2A hood with drawstring adjustment. The cap wraps around the neck of the shell when not in use.
Property of the materialPolyester fiber has the property to retain the coloration
Material3Chlorinated polyvinyl (PVC)
WashableMachine wash with mild soap and hang to dry out of the sun. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER.
Before/after washing tipsBefore washing, be sure to empty all garment pockets and close all zippers, snaps and hook-and-loop fasteners. After washing, shake the garment to remove wrinkles and hang to dry in a cool, well-ventilated place
Dimensions of the productThe dimensions of the product depend on the size selected by the customer.
Length (in/cm)26 in / 66.04 cm
Width (in/cm)17 in / 43.18 cm
Height (in/cm)3 in / 7.6 cm
Weight (lb/kg)5.2 lb / 2.35 Kg
Sold byUnit
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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