Hi-viz traffic sash, fluorescent yellow with retroreflective stripes, class 1 level 2.


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High-visibility traffic safety sash, fluorescent yellow with retroreflective stripes.
Made by Pioneer, item 5492 (size large) and 5493 (size XL).

Meets the Canadian standard CSA Z96-15, class 1 level 2.
Meets the American standard ANSI/ISEA 170-15, class 1 type O.

Available in two sizes: large and XL. Please make your selection from the drop-down menu above.

This traffic sash is made of double-layered polyester tricot fabric. The fluorescent yellow straps are 4” (10 cm) wide, with 2” (5 cm) centered StarTech retroreflective stripes.

The traffic sash has 2 vertical straps in the front crossing in an X-shape in the back, one horizontal chest strap, and one horizontal strap around the waist. The sash has a front velcro closure with two positions. Straps are not elastic nor adjustable. The horizontal chest strap holds with velcro and is removable.

Fluorescent yellow (also called neon yellow and lime green) is highly visible during daylight and in conditions of low natural light, for instance at dawn and dusk. In most situations, it offers a high contrast with the background. At night, its lighter hue is more visible than fluorescent orange, but not as visible as reflective stripes.

Gray (silver) retroreflective stripes are highly visible in low natural or artificial light conditions, because they reflect light back towards the source of the beam (flashlight, vehicle headlights, etc.). They are most efficient during dawn, dusk or at night. However, they do not offer increased visibility during daylight.

Also available in fluorescent orange, see item VV22.
For an economical traffic sash without CSA certification, see item VV20.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryPersonal protection
Sub categorySafety clothing
Sub sub categoryTraffic safety clothing
Name of the productHigh visibility safety sash
Series of productsStarTech™
Product codeVV21
Approved/CertifiedMeets CSA Z96-15, class 1 level 2 and ANSI/ISEA 107-15 class 1 type O
Country of originChina
Flame ResistanceNo Flame resistant
Choice of formatSize large (9) and extra-large (10) available
FormatFluorescent yellow stripes (4" - 10 cm). StarTech retroreflective stripes (2" - 5 cm)
ReusableReusable with prior hygienic measurement
FeaturesWith vertical stripes in front, a horizontal stripe on the chest, 2 crossed stripes in X on the back and a horizontal stripe around the waist
Additional FeaturesThe straps are not elastic or adjustable. They close in front with velcro, with two positions of closure
Comfort featuresThe horizontal chest band is attached with velcro and is completely removable
Precision on the color of the material and their visibilitiesFluorescent yellow (safety yellow-green) is highly visible during the day and in conditions with little natural light, such as dawn and dusk. In most situations, it also provides high contrast with the background
Material1Polyester Knit
Material2The reflective strips are made of StarTech®
Material3Hook and loop tape
WashableMachine wash on delicate with cold or lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Do not use whiteners, bleach, or fabric softener. Air dry. Do not expose to sunlight. Do not machine dry. Do not iron. Do not dry-clean
Dimensions of the productThe dimensions of the product depend on the size selected by the customer.
Length (in/cm)6 in / 15.24 cm
Width (in/cm)2 in / 5.08 cm
Height (in/cm)2 in / 5.08 cm
Weight (lb/kg)3 lb / 1.4 Kg
Sold byUnit
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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