BitBuddie rubber dust shroud for drills with a hole saw 3.5 cm in diameter. Ideal for general construction and renovation work.


BitBuddie rubber dust shroud for drills with a hole saw of 1 3/in (3.5 cm) in diameter. This product is ideal for construction and renovation work where asbestos, concrete, drywall (Gyproc) or stone dust may be released.

Bitbuddie manufacturer’s code: D1900-S

This dust shroud is made of flexible clear plastic and allows one to save time and money when it comes to cleaning or decontaminating. It may be used with many power tool including drills and saws without creating a dust cloud. Simply connect the dust shroud to a HEPA vacuum, cut a hole as required and fix the shroud in aligned position with the cut hole. The suction effect of the vacuum will keep the dust shroud in place while on.

This item is ideal for asbestos abatement work. Construction workers particularly like this product when it comes to drilling holes in a ceiling.

Another dust shroud with an adjustable diameter ranging between 1 in to 4 in (2.5 cm to 10 cm) is available for large flat drill bit. See (SAH8) item.

This product is commonly used in abatement zone with low hazard level.

Please note that the vacuum must be certified HEPA, that is, suitable for asbestos abatement work. Let's reiterate that a HEPA vacuum has succeeded a DOP test.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryIndustrial accessoiries
Sub categoryAsbestos decontamination
Name of the productDirt protection hood
Product codeSAH7
Length (in/cm)8 in / 20.32 cm
Width (in/cm)8 in / 20.3 cm
Height (in/cm)2 in / 5.08 cm
Weight (lb/kg)1 lb/ 0.45 Kg
Sold byUnit


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