Fiberlock Technologies™ Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® mold stain remover with hydrogen peroxide. 2.5 gal US container.




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Fiberlock Technologies™ Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® mold stain remover with hydrogen peroxide as active ingredient to aggressively remove mold stains on porous (carpets, textiles), semi-porous (cement, wood) and non-porous (plastic, metal) materials.
Sold by container of 2.5 US gallons (9.46 L).

Fiberlock Technologies™ manufacturer product code: 8314.

This product is the most advanced cleaner available on the market since it combines the cleaning effect of cutting-edge surfactants with the bleaching effect of hydrogen peroxide. Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® is ideal for restoration professionals, be they specialized in mold remediation or disaster recovery clean-up. This product consists in the first step to the restoration of run-down or damaged surfaces and materials.

This clear-coloured innovative formula penetrates deep into the substrate through an oxidation process which produces a high-foaming action to lift dirt and organic particulates to the surface. This revolutionary product will not only remove stains, but also eliminate mold odors in as little as ten (10) minutes. Best results will be seen within twenty-four (24) hours since the oxidation process continues for some time after the application. It is best to scrub the treated area with a stiff brush for maximum efficiency.

Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® emits no toxic gases unlike chlorine-based bleaching agents. Hydrogen peroxide is in fact a water solution also known as oxygenated water. The foam generated by the product is oxygen and the product decomposes into water. Then simply vacuum the treated surface with HEPA equipment to remove spores and residue before moving on to the second step, i.e. sterilization.

No dilution is required, the Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® has been designed as a ready-made product.

The approximate coverage rate ranges between 500 ft2 to 1200 ft2/gal US and depends heavily on the porosity of the materials and the amount of product applied.

The manufacturer recommends the use of a pump sprayer (SACC2), an airless spray system, a mop or a brush to apply the Advanced Peroxide Cleaner®.

When applying, saturate the affected material with enough product to remain wet for at least ten (10) minutes. In the event that more product than needed has been taken out, never return unused material to the original container. Instead, use a clean resealable container to avoid any contamination. Avoid leaving the container open since the product evaporates naturally. The Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® has not been designed to be reused.

Special Note: Hydrogen peroxide reacts quickly to organic matter, hence it is recommended to add Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® to application equipment that is clean and free of dirt and debris to avoid decreasing the efficiency of the product. On textiles and fabrics, a preliminary test should be conducted to find out how the colors will behave in the presence of a bleaching agent.

The manufacturer detailed procedures to be followed:
1. Provide enough Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® to saturate the affected material. The dwell time will depend on the thickness and porosity of the material. On average, five (5) to ten (10) minutes are required to see the first signs of action.
2. Use a stiff nylon bristle brush to assist the removal of debris by loosening dirt once there is a froth formation.
3. Allow the product to penetrate deeper in the substrate to remove all organic particulate.
4. Apply a second layer of Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® if needed in order to achieve the desired results.
5. Allow the surface to fully dry for twenty-four (24) hours and use a HEPA vacuum to remove the dislodged particulates.
6. Sterilized the treated surface with the right product for the situation (see displayed products down the page): Benefect®, Concrobium™ or First Defense 40-80®.

Required safety equipment:
The manufacturer highly recommends to take the necessary precautions when handling this product. Always wear hand protectors such as nitrile gloves (GL9315), protective clothes like a hooded Tyvek® coverall (V55594) or a hooded Tychem® coverall (V65594) and foot protection such as rubber boots (VC18822C). One should also wear a full facepiece respirator (R6800) equipped with P100 filters (R7093) for protection from solid, liquid, oil-based and biological particulates. Under no circumstances should one handle Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® without protective gear since this product can be irritating to the skin and damaging to the eyes and respiratory tract.

The manufacturer recommends to use this product in a well-ventilated work zone. Although the Advanced Peroxide Cleaner® emits only oxygen, one should never breathe its fumes. As to the skin and eyes, one should protect them at all costs given that the high pH of this product can be detrimental to health.

Keep out of the reach of children at a temperature ranging between 40 °F (4.5 °C) and 90 °F (32 °C). Store away from direct sunlight as UV rays will reduce the potency of the product. Once the container is open, the product has a shelf life of six (6) months. If still sealed, the container can be stored for twelve (12) months.

In the event that the product freezes, let thaw at room temperature and shake gently to remix components.

Need to boost your advanced peroxide cleaner (SAHM8313) or safety equipment to apply these products? See articles; (GL9315)(V55594), (V65594), (VC18822C). It is strongly recommended to wear a full-face respirator (R6800) equipped with P100 filters (R7093) against solid particles.

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Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryIndustrial accessoiries
Sub categoryAsbestos decontamination
Name of the productPeroxide Cleaner & Stain Remover for Mold & Mildew
Product codeSAHM8314
Country of originUnited State of America
Material1Hydrogen peroxide from 5 to 7.9% by volume
Material2Other components + 75 to 85% water
Length (in/cm)14.5 in / 36.83 cm
Width (in/cm)8.5 in / 21.6 cm
Height (in/cm)6 in / 15.2 cm
Weight (lb/kg)21 lb / 9.5 Kg
Another packaging available12 units per case
Another packaging available272 units per pallet
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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