Orange latex glove textured 13 in long and 29 mils thick


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Orange latex glove of a thickness of 29 mils and a total length of 13 in (32 cm). This glove features an embossed pattern on the palm of the hand and long cuffs. Sold by pair. Pack. 12 pairs/pack.

Ansell manufacturer’s code: 20811110

These gloves are available in sizes ranging from small (7) to extra-large (10). Please select the size needed in the field located above.

This glove is also approved for food handling by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAC).

Latex properties:
Natural rubber latex properties vary according to the additives dispersed slightly through the compounding, but the over-arching characteristics of natural latex are fixed because the polymer structure is always the same. This fixed polymer structure delivers among other things its significant elasticity, its flexibility, its high tensile strength and its excellent barrier performance to viruses and blood borne pathogens. In comparison with its synthetic counterparts, latex offers a poor resistance to oil, fat and hydrocarbons, but resist well to a 10% concentration of nitric acid, a 36% concentration of hydrochloric acid and a 50% concentration of sulphuric acid. As long as the limitations on use set by the manufacturer are respected, your latex glove will remain comfortable and offer a good dexterity.

We recommend wearing cotton liners under these gloves to help absorb the moisture generated by perspiration (G217 and G218).

Use for:
This glove is recommended for lab work as long as no oily or greasy substances as well as hydrocarbons are used. It may be used in pharmaceuticals, agri-food and food processing industries, canning industry, maintenance, etc.

Do not use for:
Natural rubber latex contains latex proteins, a known allergen. It is thus customary to avoid latex if there is a slightest chance to come into contact with people who may or may not be allergic to latex. A simple contact with that protein can lead to a reaction or the development of a Type-I allergy, that is, a quick reaction sometime deadly. Symptoms may range from a simple skin irritation to a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.

Maintenance and service life:
This glove may be reused, but we strongly recommend doing a periodic maintenance to avoid any contamination. To wash your gloves, wear them as if you were working and wash your hands with soap as you do normally. If need be, use bleach to remove stains or more tenacious agents. Please note that to ensure the quality of your product after wash, you must turn your gloves inside out to dry them completely.


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Orange  latex glove textured 13 in long and 29 mils thick

Orange latex glove textured 13 in long and 29 mils thick


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