HEPA-AIRE deluxe portable air scrubber with airflow of 1300 or 2000 cfm. Ideal for asbestos abatement & decontamination workzone


HEPA-AIRE® portable air scrubber (negative pressure vacuum) by Abatement Technologies. This air scrubber has a three steps filtration system ideal for abatement, lead or mold decontamination, or just for general dust suppression work (concrete dust, sawdust and plaster dust or powder). It is commonly referred to as negative air machine in the construction field.

Abatement Technologies manufacturer’s code: H1990M

This air scrubber has three different modes: negative pressure mode, positive pressure mode, recirculation mode. It also features two operating speeds, that is, the low speed at 1050 cfm and the high speed at 1600 cfm. This model of air scrubber is equipped with a visual 'change filter' indicator lamp to notify it is time to change one of the filters.

It is equipped with three different filters which overlaps one another accordingly to a given order. The air scrubber comes with one set of filters, that is, a primary filter, an accordion-shaped secondary filter and a HEPA filter. It is now possible to replace the secondary filter by another secondary filter of activated coal for protection from organic vapors in low concentrations. This type of filter is particularly useful when it comes to mold decontamination work.

  • The primary filter SAH5FP (18 in X 24 in X 1 in) captures bigger particles the size of 10 µm and more.
  • The secondary filter SAH5FS (18 in X 24 in X 2 in) captures particles the size of 3 µm to 10 µm.
  • The HEPA filter SAH5F (24 in X 24 in X 12 in) captures smaller particles the size of 0.3 µm and more with 99.97% efficiency.
  • In option, a secondary filter SAH5FSOV of activated coal for protection from organic vapours in low concentrations (24 in X 24 in X 2 in) which also captures particles the size of 3 µm to 10 µm.

This air scrubber is certified ETL and meets UL and CSA requirements as for safety standards. This equipment minimal power supply requirement is 120V/60 Hz. Its normal operating amps is 9 A.

Its galvanized steel cabinet features a 12 in diameter airflow outtake which allows the connexion of the outlet pipe. A panel opens on the front to allow a convenient filter change.

This machine weighs a total of 125 lb (56.7 kg) which is why it features two fixed and two locking 4 in diameter swivel casters. It also has four handles firmly anchored at the bottom of the device.

Unit dimensions:
Length, 35.125 in X Depth,19.125 in X Height, 30.25 in
(Length, 89.212 cm X Depth, 48.578 cm X Height, 76.835 cm) 

Please note that on asbestos abatement or mold decontamination sites, a DOP test is required:

  • Before the start of a new development
  • Every time the unit is moved on work site
  • Every four weeks if the unit remains in situ during works
  • It is strongly advise to perform a DOP test on the site which is ready to start the work

The DOP test (Dispersed Oil Particulate) has been designed to ensure the integrity and efficiency of HEPA filters in terms of airborne particles containment based on their holding capacity of dispersed oil particulate of 0,3 µm. This type of test is a requirement because it pinpoints any leaks on the HEPA filter, that is, through its accordion-shaped material, its frame or its seals. Note that if particles go around the HEPA filter, the DOP test has failed.

HEPA filters are certified accordingly to current applicable regulations and a certification label shall be placed on the frame of the filter.

Please contact our customer service for more information. Additional travel cost may apply.

Intended as a guideline, here is the mathematical formula to determine the number of air scrubber required according to a given volume. For example:

Step 1, calculate the total volume of the work site
           Volume = Length X Width X Height = result in ft³
Step 2, establish the number of air changes required per hour; Québec regulations requires 4 air changes per hour, but elsewhere, it is normally 6 changes of air per hours.
Step 3, find out how many cfm your air scrubber can generate
Step 4, to find out the number of air scrubbers required
            Number of air scrubbers =          volume in ft³
                                                  15 min X air scrubber cfm
Step 5, round off to the next whole number

Example: 1050 cfm low speed HEPA-AIRE & 19200 ft³ volume. (From 60 ft X 40 ft X 8 ft).
Step 1: 19200 ft³
Step 2: 4 air changes per hour, so 1 air change every 15 min
Step 3: HEPA-AIRE® has a capacity of 1050 cfm
Step 4:                 19200 ft³       = 1.21 air scrubber
                     15 min X 1050 cfm
Step 5: rounded off, 2 air scrubbers are required

Example: 2000 cfm high speed HEPA-AIRE & 19200 ft³ volume
Step 1: 192000 ft³
Step 2: 4 air changes per hour, so 1 air change every 15 min
Step 3: HEPA-AIRE® has a capacity of 1600 cfm
Step 4:                 19200 ft³       = 0.8 air scrubber
                     15 min X 1600 cfm
Step 5: rounded off, 1 air scrubber is required 

According to these calculations and according to the chosen speed, 1 or 2 HEPA-AIRE air scrubbers are required on work sites in Quebec. Please consider that this result is theoretical since it only takes into account ideal conditions, that is, a perfect air tightness. However, in practice, it requires more cfm to offset the prospective leaks and loss of airflow intake. Opening a door to transfer wastes from one zone to another, power fluctuation, the length of the outlet pipe which may reduce the air scrubber airflow and the saturation level of the filters are all potential source of negative pressure loss. We thus recommend you foresee a more powerful air scrubber than what you theoretically need or more machines than calculated to ensure a safe work environment.

For more information, please consult the manufacturer’s manual available at the bottom of the page.


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HEPA-AIRE deluxe portable air scrubber with airflow of 1300 or 2000 cfm. Ideal for asbestos abatement & decontamination workzone

HEPA-AIRE deluxe portable air scrubber with airflow of 1300 or 2000 cfm. Ideal for asbestos abatement & decontamination workzone


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