Stopper II® clear polycarbonate cover without a horn, but with French labelling for flush mounted manual pull stations


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STI™ (Safety Technology International Inc.) Stopper II® clear polycarbonate cover for flush mounted manual pull stations. The kit includes a frame on which the cover will be mounted, a cover, screws, and anchors. This cover model was designed for indoor use only. All labeling on the cover is in French. The Stopper II® cover is connected to the frame by a stainless steel cable. This model of cover comes without a warning horn.

This cover is UL listed hence the equipment and its installation meets Canadian standards. This piece of equipment is ideal for fire safety in public locations such as schools, hospitals, mills, etc.

STI™ product code: STI-1200/FRE

Stopper II® covers protect manual pull stations from impacts and help prevent false fire alarms without restricting legitimate alarms. The cover can easily be lifted and is connected to the frame by a metal cable. It was designed for indoors use only. Such an accessory requires a double action to trigger a fire alarm compared to a simple pull station which requires one sole move.

All labeling on the cover are in French, however, the instructions provided in the package are only available in English (PDF version available for download).

External dimensions:
Length 7 in x Height 10 in x Depth 3.5 in
(Length 17.8 cm x Height 25.4 cm x Depth 8.9 cm) 

Inner dimensions:
Length 5.5 in x Height 6 in x Depth 3.25 in
(Length 14 cm x Height 15.24 cm x Depth 8.25 cm)

Polycarbonate thickness: 0.095 in (2.4 mm)

This cover fits most pull station models, mainly flush mounted ones.

Covers with English labeling are also available when permitted by local regulations (see item ECSTI1200).

Polycarbonate properties:
Polycarbonate is a clear low flammability material highly resistant to impacts which features impressive mechanical and thermal properties, hence its use in so many fields. It is commonly used to manufacture safety eyewear, protective faceshield, law enforcement shield, optical lenses, thermal imaging and so many other vandal-proof items. The polycarbonate used for the fabrication of Stopper II® covers is UV-stabilized against degradation caused by the sun.

Maintenance and life service:
Some basic practices should be adopted to maintain manual pull station covers. It is thus recommended to wash the cover with lukewarm water and a gentle soap. The manufacturer strongly advises not to use steel pads since they scratch any surface they touch which will temper with the legibility of the label. It also is not recommended to use harsh soaps on the cover since polycarbonate doesn’t mix well at all with a wide array of acids and other chemical compounds. Indeed, these products will make your cover kind of melt. If the cover surface isn’t soft to the touch and bubbles appear, the cover has been corrupted and must be replaced.

As for its life service, the manufacturer asserts that his Stopper II® covers are durable; some have been in service for almost 20 years.

Type of productSafety equipment
Main categoryFire protection
Sub categoryFire protection accessories
Product codeECSTI1200FRE
Approved/CertifiedCompliant ULC
FeaturesThe inscriptions on the cover are in French
MaterialTransparent polycarbonate
Length (in/cm)10 in / 25.4 cm
Width (in/cm)8 in / 20.3 cm
Height (in/cm)4 in / 10.1 cm
Weight (lb/kg)1.5 lb / 0.7 Kg
Return conditionsNo returnable if used. For more information about our return policy, please refer to the "Orders and Returns" link on the home page


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